Friday, July 10, 2015


C O U R A G E   I N   L E  C Œ U R
I have been deeply stirred by the colour purple as of late. It has ben bringing me a deep level of grounding through colour + crystal therapy. Hunks of amethysts galore . . .

This attraction is not incidental to me because I have been struggling to locate courage in my heart: 
Courage / cœur / age . . . fearlessness + wisdom  to sit within our hearts, to live as one, in a time that expands into now + here

This weekend, let's unearth the courage to walk towards the unknown by kneeling at its feet. Smell the sweetness of the flowers that its feet may have crushed in its past treading + welcome in the grace of the future . . .

C H A T T R  C H A K K R  V A R T I
Here is a Kundalini mantra I have been chanting to dispel fear of the unknown, instill courage, + command

Chattr chakkr vartee 
Chattr chakkr bhugatay 
Suyumphay suphang sarab daa sarab jugtay 
Dukaalang pranaasee dayaalang saroopay 
Sadaa ung sungay aphangang biphootay

Thou art pervading in all the four directions, the Enjoyer in all the four directions
Thou art self-illuminated + united with all
Destroyer of bad times, embodiment of mercy
Thou art ever within us
Thou are the everlasting giver of un-destroyable power