Thursday, July 23, 2015


I first came across tarot reading over wine-fueled prophecies with friends. I came to realise quickly, however, its seriously beautiful potency, especially through Elena Brower's beautiful messages, Starchild Tarot, + the Wild Unknown. Today, I'm sharing with you this magical + sacred practise through the incredibly wise lightworker Tamara of Wolf Sister. Expand your vision in the now to see the then . . .

 T H E   T A R O T
B Y   T A M A R A   /  W O L F   S I S T E R

The Tarot is a famed fortune telling tool, used for divination it conjures up old visions of mystical gypsies having their palms crossed with silver, in return for sharing glimpses into your future....

Nowadays the Tarot is a well respected therapy for self­-reflection and transformation. It's no longer about projecting your energy towards an undetermined future (truth bomb: the future is yours to create!!!). Insights from the Tarot can encourage and inspire you in all the right places. Calling back your power when life feels like it's spiraling out of control, inspiring you when you feel blocked and switching those lights back on when you're feeling alone in the dark. The magic of the Tarot will mirror your subconscious, shining light where it feels darkest to illuminate the path ahead for you. Guiding you to empowerment in the present moment. The Tarot isn't for predicting the future or for telling you what to do. The Tarot is for guiding you towards the future you want to consciously manifest.

Most Tarot decks consist of 78 cards ­ 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards that are divided into 4 suits ( the pentacles, wands, chalices and swords). The Major Arcana cards are devoted to the Heroes journey and represent archetypal energies and stages that we encounter on our journey through life. The Minor Arcana cards indicate the energy around us in our day-­to-­day life. Tarot cards all have esoteric references and are also influenced by Numerology and Astrology.

H O W   T O   C H O O S E   A   D E C K 

If your spirit is calling you towards the Tarot then it may be time to get your very own deck! I've heard people say that you're first deck should be gifted to you but you might end up waiting a while for that to happen. I believe in empowerment so if you want your own deck then it's up to you to get it (or ask someone nicely to gift one to you). If the Tarot seems daunting to you, there are Oracle decks that may resonate with you more. You can find Tarot and Oracle decks in your local metaphysical store and some bookstores stock them too. Alternatively there's a plethora of beautiful decks that you can purchase on­line.

 C A R E 

Keep your deck in a safe place or have them by your altar. You can purchase a pouch or box to keep your cards in. Cleanse with sage regularly to clear the energy of your deck. You can also use a clear quartz crystal to protect and cleanse.

R E A D I N G   T H E   C A R D S

In a Tarot spread, the reading will depict the energy around you, addressing your strengths and weaknesses to give you clarity and insights into your current life situation. A reading can address general topics and areas in your life to give you inspiration and direction. You can prepare yourself energetically before a reading by meditating or simply in taking a few cleansing breaths. Clearing yourself from the energy of the day so far and what's ahead to centre yourself fully in the present moment. Take a moment to focus your intention on the cards, expanding your energy to the wisdom of the Tarot. Ask for guidance and say a prayer, if it feels appropriate for you. Each card you pull will mirror what you are seeking guidance for. Take time to note any intuitive insights that come up for you, trust the feeling that the cards share with you.

s u g g e s t i o n s
One card ­ You can simply pull a single card to give you guidance, this card can be kept on your altar to help channel the energy of the card appropriately.

t h r e e   c a r d s

T A R O T   T H E R A P I S T 

Sometimes it's hard to be objective when you are reading for yourself. It can really help to hear someone else's spin on things. With a talented Tarot therapist you will be guided with a fresh perspective to fully connecting back to yourself. Helping you bust through some of your blocks and using your challenges as transformative opportunities.

When developing your relationship with the Tarot it's important to work with it intuitively. Discarding your ego and stepping fully into what feels true for you. Each card has so many facets to it so just looking up the meaning online or in a reference book may not suffice. Take the time to tune into each card's energy and symbolism. What inspiration does the Tarot have to share with you?