Friday, August 21, 2015


I recently set up a hydration station at home with bottles of mismatched heights, shapes, + hues. This is because as much as I gulp up glasses of water, doing so without adequate electrolyte + mineral balance can actually lead to dehydration. I try to either eat my water as Dr. Murad does with water-rich vegetables + fruits or replenish my body's fluid balance with infusions, which in turn promote hydrated, glowing skin. 

As the ever-knowledgeable Lauren of Empowered Sustenance pointed out in Matt Stone's Eat for Heat, proper hydration is a balance of electrolytes + nutrients within and around our cells: <Picture your body filled with nutritious, high-octane, electrically conductive fluids.Things work better and your cells have the ability to produce more energy at the cellular level>

We need nourishing water, infused with salts + minerals. That's why in addition to plain water, I've been chugging more of my home-brewed kombucha and, more recently, this infused water kefir. Similar to kombucha, water kefir is a colony of bacteria and yeasts that contains live probiotics to fuel our metabolic fire + heal our digestive tract. Here is an additional, in-depth delve into the science of water kefir.

I infuse my batch with herbs that serve whatever I need. Currently, I have been using parsley, which is one of the ultimate herbs in my book. It's incredibly nourishing for women's health as it boosts with sky-high vitamin K for bone support. It also nourishes the reproductive system by supporting fertility and regulating the menstrual cycle. As it brings hormones to a homeostatic balance, flushes out heavy metals and clogging toxins, + increases metabolic function, it's the optimal herb for the skin. Its delicate flavour makes water kefir such a refreshing summer drink. Other go-to current herbs of mine are rosemary, mint, sage, + various fresh Chinese herbs I find at a local market.

I also concoct blends with my water kefir, my favourite of which is one with the brightly-hued beetroot juice. Beetroots are a powerhouse of liver-cleansing agents. According to Chinese Medicine, the condition of our liver is reflected through our skin. When the liver is sluggish or clogged, the quality of our skin suffers along with our sleep and emotion balance—we can get easily irritated, depressed, or angry. Beetroots cleanse + stimulate the liver, allowing it to function efficiently to clear our bodies of physical + emotional toxic accumulation to achieve clear skin. I combine a splash of beetroot juice + infused parsley water kefir + lemon juice for a liver-loving alchemy.

Here's to fueling our bodies with cell-deep hydration + necessary fermented probiotics for skin that glows like the deep late summer sun . . .

F A R M A C Y :  I N F U S E D   W A T E R   K E F I R 

raw | vegan | paleo | aip

I N G R E D I E N T S 
Water kefir grainsaround 1/4 cup | sign up for Thrive Market here for a 25% off on your order
1/4 cup organic, raw cane sugar or sucanat | this sugar gets all consumed by the bacteria
6 cups spring water

D I R E C T I O N S | First, make sure to use sterilised, all glass container + non-metal utensils such as glass, bamboo, or ceramic.
Boil the water then pour in the sugar to dissolve. Let it cool then add in the water kefir grains and trace minerals. Cover the container with a lid to let it ferment away from direct light or heat until it ferments to a flavour that pleases your palate. You can then infuse it with herbs when ready or pour in the beetroot juice for extra hydration + nutrient assimilation. Store in the fridge up to a week!