Wednesday, August 26, 2015


F A R M A C Y  :  S U N N Y   S I D E   U P 
Mornings are such a sacred time. I delved into part of my morning routine for a slower + more intentional rise here. The continuation of that routine leads me into the kitchen, where I always make time for a quiet moment to break the fast + break into the day. Here are high-vibrational foods that will help you rise on the sunny side up . . .

A N I M A L  F A R E | I was recently chatting with Emily of HÄLSA about the difficulty I still experience about eating animal products in the morning. As someone who has avoided them for a significant period of time and even flirted with raw veganism at one point, eating animal products feels both heavy on my stomach and mind.

Dealing with autoimmune issues has made me aware that many in the community enjoy grass-fed and pastured meats for breakfast. These options provide high levels of heart + skin supporting Omega-3s. Grass-fed beef also contains one of the most important antioxidants glutathione, which is the most powerful antioxidant in our body—it removes toxins and protects your body from heart to gut.

If you can handle and are hungry for such a breakfast spread, listen to your body. Cravings for foods are wise signs from our system for extra nourishment. A way to balance the acidity of meat is to also have lightly steamed vegetables with raw organic coconut oil or, if tolerated, grass-fed ghee. Cruciferous vegetables are great to increase our intake of sulfur, which is the number one beauty mineral. Root vegetables such as parsnips, carrots, or sweet potatoes also allow for balanced blood sugar levels and healthy adrenal function to combat mid-morning or afternoon fatigue with a dose of unrefined carbohydrates. Choose to your heart’s content!

My alternative for this is a warm cup of bone broth with all the vegetable bounty, heaping spoonfuls of coconut oil, + fresh herbs. It's a lighter option that is warming, gut-healing, + immune system-boosting, which is essential with the upcoming cold season. 

Everybody is different, every body is different. The needs of our bodies fluctuate over time. A friend might thrive on a vegan diet while my body, as difficult it was for me to accept, did not. Let’s have respect for one another’s dietary decisions so we can cultivate that respect for our own bodies. Except for one thing—let’s all just please eat more mother-loving plants . . .

E A T  T H E   Y O L K | I miss eggs dearly, so I infuse all the love I have for them into the decadent French omelette I make for my mother every Sunday morning. Although if I were to eat an egg, it would be slowly poached in low heat as to not denature its delicate proteins. Here in D.C., we source our pasture-raised eggs from the local farm Polyface available at the tiny yet incredible The Organic Butcher. These babies have the ultimate golden yolk porn—feast your eyes. Whole Foods also carries pasture-raised eggs from Vital Farms, which is our second option. I prefer supporting local farmers and having fresh eggs whenever I can. You can find local farms that provide them in your area over at Eat Wild or simply take a trip to the farmer’s market!

If you tolerate dairy, top your eggs with raw, grass-fed cheese—ones from sheep or goat are a dream! Also whip them up with fresh herbs for additional hormonal support with parsley and rosemary or digestive support with bitters such as detoxifying dandelion, fennel, and nettle. Serve it with my favourite tortillas made with Otto’s Cassava flour by simply mixing 6 tablespoons of the flour with 2 ½ tablespoons of water and put it on the cast iron skillet with a tablespoon of coconut or MCT oil.

A little tip I learned at the household of the lovely Ariel of Chaia: whisk your eggs at room temperature in a copper bowl as the French do for fluffier fare.

T O N I C S | I love herbal tonics—I’d say they’re a signature on Thirlby and a highly-requested offering amongst friends. My favourites include the Morning Moringa Rose Latté + Golden Moon Love Potion. A way to boost these tonics if you tolerate dairy is making them with raw, grass-fed dairy. This is an incredibly medicinal incorporation in Ayurveda as raw dairy supports hormones and nourishes the body to the bone. It builds up our ojas. Fermenting raw dairy provides an extra boost with higher digestibility, bioavailability, and healing for the gut. Again, Eat Wild is a great resource for finding some raw dairy products. A spoonful of good fats such as coconut oil or coconut butter as well as skin and joint fueling grass-fed collagen are perfect pairs.

S W E E T S | Sometimes I just crave a sweeter wake up. In that case, I serve myself a bowl of cultured coconut cream with a side of stewed stone fruits such as plums + cinnamon. A dash of tocos and I’m in vegan heaven. This tigernut granola from the incredible Gabriella would also take this breakfast onto higher planes.

Another option is a warm sweet potato—my favourite are the Korean purple ones—with a drizzle of coconut oil, but I have eyed Elena Brower’s bowl of pairing it with tahini + sprinkling of pepitas. Just make sure they’re sprouted for digestibility and to avoid anti-nutrient phytic acids—I love these JEM sprouted nut butters + the Moon Pantry stone-ground sprouted almond butter.