Monday, August 31, 2015


I connect so deeply with today’s feature of Sima Morrison, House of Citrine—land lines run through her sweet soul to mine from Iran to Turkey. Through my anthropologist’s looking glass, there’s something inexplicably interwoven in that. That, however, is not the only indefinitely special about Sima—palpable even through pixels. Sima has a thirst for not only educating herself to elevate her mind + spirit, but is devoted to uplifting others by sharing the work of mindful makers on her site House of Citrine. She has featured light makers such as the [also Persian!] goddess Shiva Rose  Summer Sanders of Local Juicery. Sima exudes and imbues clear confidence, support, + radiates loving light.

Bask in the charm of the house of her soul + site . . .

S I M A   M O R R I S O N , H O U S E    O F   C I T R I N E  |   l o s   a n g e l e s  ,  c a

Q: Tell us a little bit about you and what led you to create House of Citrine.
I wanted to build a platform that inspires, promotes and features conscious businesses.

Anyone from chefs, artisans, entrepreneurs, writers, farmers, health activists, and innovators, really anyone who has a passion for mindful living with a hunger to educate.

Q: What inspired the name?
Citrine has always been a stunning crystal to me, but adding the “house of” to Citrine resonated with me divinely. I started researching about citrine and it quickly became a part of me. It’s extremely powerful for women and the abundance of love that it radiates is uplifting. The yellow color of citrine is connected with the ability to perform logical thinking and intellectual work, and I could always use a little help from earth’s divine artifacts.

Q: How long did it take for you to craft your products to the state it is in now? What was that experience like for you?
When it’s right everything falls into place. It didn’t take that long. I just knew exactly what I wanted to do. I am fortunate to be working with some of those most talented co-creators in the country. The process happened very fast. When you appreciate other talents work on such a deep level and embrace each other’s skill set it just flows so organically. Constant synchronicities and alignment have kept my workflow magical.

Q: When you are not working on House of Citrine, what else do you like to do?
You can find me at a farmers market usually Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica. Hiking in the Santa Monica mountains (Los Leones Trail), spending time with my loved ones.
I love learning so I’m always researching online; right now my mind is completely enthralled with biodynamic farming. I am recreating my garden in my home so learning about permaculture and planting to execute the best eco-system for my garden.

I love spending time with my family, big family breakfast; lunches and dinners are essential for me. Makes me feel an abundance of love seeing the family pass around yummy dishes while sitting at a table together. 

Q: What keeps you going? Do you have a daily routine, ritual, or a mantra?
Gratitude keeps me going. Living in the present. Being mindful and not looking back is what pure bliss is to me. My husband is my rock and we live a harmonious lifestyle and we live for what makes us happy.

Q: What are some of your favourite snacks or foods that fuel your creative process?
I am a total foodie so food is makes me happy. I love REAL food. Right now my favorite snack in the world are figs, so happy they are in season. I eat them as a snack, throw them in salads, grill them with protein, have them with a beautiful charcutrie cheese plate. I’m obsessed.

I also love yams. I eat them throughout the day. With my eggs for breakfast, sweet potato fries in the oven marinated with ghee or grass fed butter and herbs, or just a loaded yam baked potato with grass fed cheese, broccoli and herbs and salt. 

I’m always snacking on seaweed, sprouted almonds and walnuts, fermented veggies with sprouted corn chips and avocado. I love a drinking coconut kefir throughout the day.

Q: What are your three staples for glowing health?
Do what makes you happy and makes your heart feel full, you will literally glow when you live your life in your true authentic spirit // Eat Real food, drink spring water and indulge on high quality fats. Your body is your temple, so only put the BEST in your body. Shop local, support your farmers and know where your food comes from. Always organic! // Balance is crucial for any lifestyle. Live. If you want a piece of cake, enjoy it with each bite. Love yourself and allow indulgences.

Q: What would be an ideal day for you?
Wake up to a warm reishi, ho shou wu, and pine pollen tonic with pumpkin milk, a jog, meeting my husband for lunch at True Foods in Santa Monica, working on emails, setting up interviews and having a family dinner together with quality conversation with my step kids.

Q: Who are some sources of inspiration for you?
Reading poetry by the great Iranian poets of the 13th century. Rumi and Hafiz always keep me inspired and grounded. I’m Iranian and I grew up with my father reading poetry; makes me feel like he’s still here with me and whispering daily affirmations in my ear.

Q: What are your go-to products in your holistic medicine cabinet?
High quality salt is essential for me, I keep some in my car and in most of my handbags.
Living libations // best skin ever 
Perspective allows me to move through fear. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions I have to take deep breaths. I try to mediate as much as possible. I got into mediation last year and the past 6 months it has given me the most intimate connection with my mind and soul. It has made me find peace from within which is something I had been trying to achieve for several years.

Q: What is your next big vision for House of Citrine?
Spotlighting the holistic journey by raising awareness through education is the kind of momentum I love to create. A platform for roundtable discussions and knowledge shares where we can come together as a community and grow is what I see. I am passionate about organizing events on and offline, with some exciting planning talks in the works. Drawing others in to share their inspirations is where it all begins, leading to powerful community built on gratitude, love and peace.