Friday, August 14, 2015


This is another guest post in the Mama Moon series by the lighthouse Desirée Pais, founder + beauty alchemist behind Benshen, who gathers women under the light of mama moon to ignite an equally bright light within their own beings. Welcoming in the lunar energy for the sparks of creativity that burn inside of us . . . 

L A  L U N E  |  N E W   M O O N   I N   L E O

July was a monumental month of inner-work with the triple cycle of La Lune giving us all her glory. And now with August’s new Moon in Leo on the 14th, we can breath a little easier as we are invited to go straight to the heart: to welcome in love. Love comes in many forms, be it within the realms of romantic partnerships but also and most importantly in doing what YOU love and finding your own unique path in the world. With this New Moon in Leo, we can begin to plant the seeds to find the passion in our loves, whether again or for the first time ever. Leo is a Sun sign, akin to the Fire element that ignites the flames of our spirits. Now is the time to be courageous, to be bold, to go after what we want and be fearless to let go of all that’s in the way of our dreams. Our dreams - career, health, financial, romantic, and so on - are always, always within reach. The only thing between us is our own subconscious programming that prevents us from allowing prosperity to flow with ease in our lives. I recently took an online class with Guru Jagat on RaMa.Tv and had the most profound in-my-bones realization about prosperity and abundance: 

Prosperity is an energy, this beautiful power energy, which I could see it as if it was hovering above. It’s floating patiently, yet eagerly, waiting for us to create the space for it to come down and through, to create the form for it to come down and through. If everything is very messy, physically in your home, office, or even wallet, or if we don't have clear vision of what we want and if we don't clear the subconscious though-forms that are keeping us in lack-mindset, then it can’t squeeze through. But if the form, physical and non-physical, that you create is very well constructed and very clear and the walls are sturdy and the space is clean, prosperity has the space to come down, settle in, and keep pouring into your life. And that’s where meditation comes in, to help us clear out the subconscious garbage of our minds. It’s like a messy room vs. cleaning out the room, and meditation is the tool that helps us clean out the room.

One of my favorite meditations to work with, especially around the New Moon to call in prosperity, is the Aap Sahaee Hoa meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga. This particular sound current is a prosperity mantra which clears away any blockage, any inner resistance, any negative force, whether from yourself or negative energy coming at you from others. The beautiful Kia Miller teaches how to do this meditation on Yogaglo, a very sweet and short version of the meditation. Once you learn it and love it, my favorite version is Snatam Kaur’s version, Aap Sahaa-Ee Ho-Aa. Practice or just have the sound current flowing through your home and/or workspace and keep note of the prosperous miracles that manifest.