Monday, August 17, 2015


T H E  G U I D E  :  D I G I T A L   D E T O X

A guide for conscious consumption of technology, detoxing our bodies of electromagnetic field overload, + separating our minds from the microcosm of social media  . . .

G A D G E T S | I remember how back in high school, I used to sleep with my cell phone right next to my pillow awaiting cryptic young love text messages. Love wasn't the only naïve part of that situation—so was keeping my phone right near my tired little head. Keeping technological gadgets of all kind away from our bodies during sleep is crucial since it's during this precious time that our bodies detoxify + regenerate. If you can't move your phone away from your bedroom [as most of us who use cellphones as alarms can't], put your phone on airplane mode. Turn off + unplug everything electrical in your room as well, not forgetting laptops + computers. If you want to go the extra mile, these specialised fabric can also further provide a shield against EMF frequencies.

Watch as nightmares + insomnia melt away into sweet slumbers to awaken without headaches, joint pain, or moodiness . . .

To continue on a grounded + protected path during the day, try to be more mindful of your phone usage. I'm sometimes appalled by and pretty uncomfortable about how often I check my phone. Let's keep some physical + mental distance. When speaking on the phone, either speak on speaker or use headphones. Turn off your phone when possible, since no radiation is emitted when it's off. If you take the train/metro, put it on airplane mode or turn it off, since there's essentially no signal anyway and EMF increases significantly when your phone is searching for a signal. Also, turn off your bluetooth when unnecessary. If you'd like to and can get a radiation-protective case, SilverShield + Pong are great options. For laptops, DefenderShield is the best option for radiation + heat protection.

S U P P L E M E N T  +  S H I E L D  | Additional ways to protect ourselves is through shielding our bodies with high-vibration foods + earthy elements. Eating foods that nourish the nervous system, which is the body's primal shield against EMFs, is essential. My three staples, as always, are bone broth for cellular support; sea vegetables such as chlorella, spirulina, and E3Live; + fermented/cultured foods such as sauerkraut + home-brewed kombucha. Consume these on the daily.

An EMF-protective diet also includes eating high ORAC foods, such as turmeric, matcha green tea, + wild berries. Flushing our systems with cruciferous vegetables [organic when and if possible] such as broccoli, cabbage, daikon, + cauliflower, also provides our system with necessary antioxidants and sulfur. Sulfur is incredibly important for mitochondrial function and thus whole body energy assimilation, which you can hear more about here. Herbs such as parsley, cilantro, holy basil, chard are also supportive. If you can, supplementing with ormus also helps, as it electromagnetically balances our cells.

Externally, I always keep crystals such as black tourmaline, amazonite, lepidolite, or sodalite around me for protection. Himalayan pink salt lamps in bedrooms or in the office also are great shields.

S E P A R A T E  +  C O N N E C T  | The most effective way to detoxify our bodies + our minds of EMF radiation is to consciously separate ourselves from technology. I have made it a recent mission to re-connect with nature and myself sans my phone. For me, this usually means a barefoot walk outside as mama Earth's vibrations are deeply healing through the practise of earthing. Over the weekend, I went outside with only a book [gifted to this Fitzgerald aficonada on her graduation], my sunglasses, + a towel in tow—incredibly liberating.

Hikes, walks, or being outside also shifts my perspective from out of the microcosm of social media and into the grandness of life. It's incredibly easy to see life as structured through the perfect panorama of Instagram, where our lives are symmetrically organised in pretty hues. We are swept into endless scrolls + networks of accounts through which we compare our own selves and work, unaware of what the lives of others truly entail. Unplugging from social media + our phones allows us to separate these comparative stories. We re-connect to our external + internal authentic nature, sinking back to our roots . . .