Monday, August 10, 2015


T H E  G U I D E  :  S L O W   M O R N I N G S  ,  S W E E T   H E A R T S

A breakdown of how I awaken into my day each morning with slow intentional movements for a soft + sweet heart. Welcoming in anything to appear on my path . . .

A L K A L I N I T Y | Alkalinity begins not only with digestion but with our emotions. Negative energies of any kind—angers, disappointment, or sadness—create an acid environment in our bodies. Springing into the day with gratitude fine-tunes our nerves and expands our presence. Before I flutter my eyes little eyes open, I offer a heaping thank you to even the sighful of Mondays. I ask the Universe, à la A Course in Miracles, "Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom? What miracles would you have me perform today?" I hold myself in its vibration for a moment.

I then infuse that energy into my core as I imagine light pouring from my fingers into my belly. We store an immense amount of tension in this area, which also happens to be the body part that most people hate. It's a shame as such love and life pours out of our beautiful bellies. It stores such sacred and feminine energy. Connecting with my belly in the morning allows me to get back to those roots for a rebirth of renewed energy each morning. 

Once I arise, I flush my cells with alkalinity with pure warm water + lemon juice. I often hear people drinking hot water in the morning with their lemon juice. Please switch to warm for not only a kinder digestive awakening but also as to not kill the enzymes of the fresh lemon juice with heat. 

A D A P T O G E N I C   T O N I C S | 
I rotate my herbal tonics but always have one to begin my day. Adaptogenic herbs work synergistically with our bodies to protect us from oxidative stress.As I have been tackling more work recently, I've been mixing Four Sigma Foods reishi, Sun Potion rhodiola, He Shou Wu, + a dash of quantum salt for mineralisation. 

K U N D A L I N I   K R I Y A S  | 
I balance my meditative morning state with sitting in silence for three to seven minutes with selected crystals then doing activating Kundalini kriyas. I select my crystals intuitively, holding my hand over my bowl then picking whichever ones call me energetically. If I want to manifest, I always hold a clear Quartz and Citrine for confidence. My current favourite kriya is the Sat Kriya as it's short but one of the most potent kriyas available. I buzz in its state for hours on end. 

F A T  +  F E R M E N T A T I O N  F U E L  | 
Our brain is about sixty percent fat, so there is absolutely nothing better than fat in the morning to effectively fire up our neurons. While our gut is our second brain, which functions most optimally with a daily serving of fermented foods. Add in bioavailable + easily-assimilated foods such as raw organic coconut or XCT oil, avocado, pasture-raised egg yolks, sprouted nut or seed butters, and coconut products for fat according to toleration. Some fermented foods to include are kombucha, fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, beet kvass, raw fermented dairy products, + water or coconut kefir, all of which are also according to toleration. E-mail me with any further questions, from anything regarding toleration to meal prepping!

R E A D E R ' S  D I G E S T  |  
So many of us, including myself, are guilty of digitally checking-in way too early. Although I have made it a mission to not look at anything until after breakfast, I have extended it to allow myself some longer digital detox time. Instead of reading something online or checking social media, I've made a stack of books + magazines to flip through before leaving for work. It fuels me with visual and creative energy. Some current favorites include Cherry Bombe magazine from my dear friend Ariel, Kinfolk, Art of Attention, and my tattered copy of Be Here Now.