Wednesday, September 23, 2015


In the glittering + messy microcosm of social media, our creative energies can paradoxically be stimulated and zapped simultaneously. There's an entire panorama of visual stimulation to feed off of. Yet, this can swirl us into black hole, consumed by competition. Any creative who's building, moulding, + presenting themselves or an aspect of such is well aware of this conundrum. It's a dealing of the ego—the deep-seated struggle to find success vis-à-vis with a frantic search for the solution + formulating stories for the success of others. 

It is only through forgiving ourselves for these frustrated searchings + questionings can we flow into our creativity. This process is like working with clay. We can then surrender to our own source + vision rather than moulding our minds with the clay pickings of others. You can either soften + revive the old, unused, dried-up pieces of others or get your own fresh block of clay to press your own thumbprint . . .

I'm on the same train, learning through delays + breakdowns amongst stops unknown. Here are some pickings that allow for a smoother journey . . .

H E   S H O U   W U  +  P I N E  P O L L E N | These two are my staples for hormonal and libido support, which also support creativity. A small spoonful of pine pollen gives me the most elaborate + creative work sessions. Kacie's incorporation of he shou wu is a beautiful antidote for relieving tension as well with its addition of various other adaptogenic herbs. 
S E X   D U S T   |  I have come to realise that with lack of creativity also comes lack of libido or disconnexion with our sexuality. We hide our bodies, our feelings—truly naked only to our own eyes. This results in the suppression of the flow of energy in our lower body chakras, which rule self-expression and creativity. I find that supplementing with herbs that target these energies such as this blend can not only be used to rush blood to the right places when needed but to our brains to fuel creativity.

F O O D S 
M C T  /  X C T   O I L  | The effect this coconut oil on steroids has on the brain is profound. It contains the rarest of medium chain fatty acids + require 18 pounds of coconut to produce. It upgrades metabolic and cognitive function while simultaneously stimulating the digestive system, which yields a triple boost to the brain to spark creativity.
C O C O N U T  | Just slather it on everything—drink its waters, eat its meat, use its butter to increase your fat intake. Our brains are about 60 percent fat, so fat is resultantly its preferred source of fuel. Incorporating this easily-digested fat into your diet will provide the support necessary to create
R O O T S  | When our minds are scattered, our energies are also often depleted, floating, + disarrayed. Root vegetables provide the body with grounding reminiscent of that of Mama Earth, bringing us back to ourselves and our true source of creative fire.  I often gently steam them to keep their nutrient integrity but also enjoy them roasted. My seasonal rotation includes Korean/Japanese sweet potatoes; taro root; turnips; Kabocha, butternut, and spaghetti squash; rutabaga; and carrots. They're incredibly comforting coupled with the slight sweetness of raw organic coconut oil. 
F E R M E N T S  | The gut and enteric nervous system is considered our second brain. Restoring optimal gut motility and function is not only crucial for achieving homeostasis of our whole-body functions. This also in return lifts brain fog + allows for sharp-thinking. I always recommend making a homemade batch, but i this is not feasible, you can contact me for a local order or pick some up at your market. Many areas now have ferments such as sauerkraut or kimchi [not autoimmune friendly] from local companies.

P A N I C   M O D E 
Sometimes when the due date of a work project, an assignment, a post, or whatnot is wrapping its approaching arms around my mind. I'm overcome by its grip and cannot think straight let alone produce anything of substance. In these times when I'm stricken, meditation seems like a far off thought. I honestly feel overwhelmed by its thought in panic mode and need something more concrete to focus myself on, something to guide me. 

My neurological pathways shift completely when I use Emotional Freedom Technique—it's the Ibuprofen in my holistic medicine kit. I've mentioned it in my tools to heal the heart—it's my staple. Here is a guide on how to do it.

Other easily accessible tools for me are magnesium flake/epsom salt baths or, if I don't have the time, I spray this on my skin. I recently also chatted with Becky of our local Be Clean Shop about my anxiety + sleep remedy of rubbing lavender oil on the soles of my feet for increased and quick absorption as well as rubbing some on the tip of my nose. Lack of creativity can lead to sleepless nights with anxiety hindering our ability to fall and stay asleep, and this combats both issues. If you have a headache resulting from tension as well, blend in a drop of frankincense oil as well for anti-inflammatory pain relief.