Monday, September 28, 2015


Tara and Jessie, the duo behind HOW YOU GLOW, are after my own belly + being—hungry for kicks of umami, touches of high vibration, + fountains of creative inspiration in search for the glow. You can find chats with the sweet Shiva Rose, discover sustainably crafted wear such as Feit, and elevate yourself with Guru Jagat. Intelligent and aware but grounded with a touch of whimsy . . . 

Here is Tara of HOW YOU GLOW to guide you into all that ignites her vision + sparks her inner light, from turmeric to meditations on how to eat . . .

T A R A   S O W L A T Y  |  H O W   Y O U  G L O W

Q: Tell us a little bit about you and what led you to create How You Glow.
HOW YOU GLOW started over a bowl of food & yoga. Jessie came over to my house where I cooked her my version of Sqirl’s pesto bowl, and she led me through the most incredible yoga session, and from there on out we knew we had to start something together. Our overall approach to eating, indulging, beauty, movement, and overall lifestyle were so similar, one thing led to the next and before we knew it we created this transformative online space we call HOW YOU GLOW.

Q: What inspired the name?
With our backgrounds in the health sphere— I’m a natural foods chef and holistic nutritionist, Jessie is a yoga teacher and art therapist— we resonate with an inner vibrancy, light, positivity, a GLOW, that we’re constantly searching for.

Q: When you are not working on How You Glow, what else do you like to do?
T | Luckily, 
HOW YOU GLOW entails everything that I love to do, so work & play are usually one and the same— food, travel, fitness, beauty, fashion :) It’s a constant flow though— HOW YOU GLOW is on from the moment I wake up to the minute I shut my eyes for sleep. Alongside that, I work with clients on meal planning, kitchen hauls, and GLOW-Lifestyle coaching.

Q: What keeps you going? Do you have a daily routine, ritual, or a mantra?
T | With 
HOW YOU GLOW, everyday is something new and exciting. That newness definitely keeps me going. Bookending my morning and nights in a similar way allows me to set a mindful meditative pace everyday.
Q: What are some of your favourite snacks or foods that fuel your creative process?
T | Food is the ultimate way I glow. One of my favorite ways to start my day is with french fig yogurt or rose fig yogurt that I get from my local farmers’ market, bananas, figs if in season, passion fruit, chia seeds, and flax seeds. This is the perfect bowl of goodness that sets me up for a day of creativity, vibrancy, and glow.

Q: What are your three staples for glowing health?
T | Hot water with lemon on the regular
Turmeric, turmeric, turmeric— whenever I get a chance I try to incorporate it into my diet
Lavender and rose essential oils— peace, calming, and heart opening plant power

Q: What would be an ideal day for you?
T | A day filled with incredibly delicious food, cozy snuggles in bed, outdoors and nature, a good sweat, and all of my loved ones!

Q: Who are some sources of inspiration for you?
T | I’m consistently inspired by everything around me. I’m lucky enough to curate such an incredibly nourishing resource like 
HOW YOU GLOW which gives me access to tons of inspiring people and products— I like to take bits and pieces of things that resonate with me most!

Q: What are your go-to products in your holistic medicine cabinet?
T | Lavender oil is a huge part of my life— I use it to set in the clam vibes, clean the air, as a potent spot treatment for blemishes and facial redness, and as an overall mood enhancer.

Vitamin E is also something I’ve been using for years, my grandmother swears by it, to heal scars, moisturize and bring elasticity to the skin

Avocado Oil is a super nourishing yet light oil that I like to use on my hair and nails

Turmeric is also a huge part of my routine, I try to ingest turmeric as much as possible, to heal my body from the inside out. It’s anti-inflammatory properties are incredible

Lipo-Shperic Vitamin C, I swear by this stuff, and have been taking it for years. My aunt recommended it to me years ago when she started seeing Dr. Khalsa, and it is seriously magic. I load up on it especially before and after plane flights

Q: What would be your ideal last meal?
My last meal would last a whole day, and occur in multiple countries :) (we’re dreaming, right?!)

First I would jet to Australia for the best pre-brekkie around, from Bread & Circus or Devon on Danks for their perfectly cooked, golden-yolked eggs. Then I’d stop in Japan for a multi-course traditional Japanese breakfast at the Park Hyatt in Tokyo. Then, I’d hop on over to Jimbaran Bay in Bali for some Indonesian fried rice with an egg on top. Next, is a quick snack or two in Paris—probably some rosé, rose flavored st. honores at Ladurée, Poilâne bread with some delicious French butter, jam, and cheese. Then I would round out the night with an al fresco dinner cooked by my two grandmothers who know how to make crispy tahdig and my special Persian-style chicken wings just how I love them. And the day wouldn't end without chocolate.

Q: What’s on your reading list currently?
Thich Naht Hanh’s “How To Eat” is always on my bedside table, and I like to read and re-read the little passages over and over again. Also, I love to read cookbooks, and currently reading Alice Waters “The Art of Simple Food.”

Q: What makes your heart glow?
When I’m resonating with my surroundings in a positive and nurturing way, that’s when my heart glows. Indulging in the foods that I love, spending time with my family, working hard, and taking care of myself— finding the balanced between it all is really what 
GLOW is all about.