Thursday, September 17, 2015


T H E  G U I  D E :  M A N A G I N G   M E R C U R Y   I N   R E T R O G R A D E 

Yesterday marked the first day of the Mercury in Retrograde that will last until October 9th, affecting our lines of communication, decision, memory, + travel. I'm already feeling its glitches. On its very first day, our analytic programs at work were slow, I had to restart my new yet frozen laptop twice, and my train heading home was delayed by half an hour. These are not coincides—when Mercury is in retrograde, it pulls + slows everything back with it. 

Yet this planetary pullback is an optical illusion of sorts. As a dear astrologer compares, Mercury in retrograde is similar to when we're slowly driving on the road and the next car over consequently appears to be moving backwards. We know this isn't actually the case and this applies to planetary movements—the retrograde occurs according to the perspective from the Earth. 

Accordingly, I take this time to shift my own view. Rather than being aggravated, paranoid, or tugged by the effects of Mercury in Retrograde, I surrender to the shifts to allow myself to swim through the resulting emotions. I re-consider, re-ground, and re-balance to realise my full potential. I view this time as a potent reminder to slow down and savour all that flows through my life—from delights to possible dismays—for a heightened presence post-retrograde. This period bears medicine for our hearts as a cosmic gas pedal to awaken our senses—stopping the rush to shake us into our true reality. Flowing with the river . . .

Here is my guide to listen to these shifting Universal nudges + attune to our highest selves . . .

C R Y S T A L S   |  There is a multitude of crystals that can carry you more seamlessly through the flow of Mercury Retrograde and against habitual tendencies of fast-paced upstream struggle in life. The crystals with the most potent energies for this time are Black Tourmaline, which assists in letting go of the sense of fear and paranoia that can arise; Tree Agate, which re-roots our energies to sync up with that of Mama Earth + the flow of the Universe; and Amazonite, which instills grace + clear communication. 

G R O U N D I N G   G R I D S   +   M E D I C I N E   W H E E L S | 
You can reap the support of the crystals above by simply keeping them in close quarters, during meditation, or while performing a puja. Alternatively, you can also create grounding grids and medicine wheels. Grounding grids can be very extensive through sacred geometry, but this site gives a more clear + concise explanation. 

K U N D A L I N I    K R I Y A S   | Being aware and within the space of our breath is the most medicinal element we can incorporate during this planetary period. Simple breathing techniques are a gentle start—try a four-count inhale, four-count hold, followed by a four-count exhale through the nose. Another practise I also like to incorporate is the technology of Eight Stroke Breath for Energy + Stress Release. This involves sitting with your eyes closed with hands in Gyan Mudra, inhaling through the nose in eight counts then exhaling through the nose in one powerful stroke. Begin doing this for three minutes but ideally practise for 11 minutes.

A F F I R M A T I O N S | As a true high-strung Virgo, I keep myself organised with a huge agenda where I outline my life down to lunar + planetary cycles. Writing down shifts such as Mercury in Retrograde allows me to be more careful when approaching projects and not initiating them unless necessary; adding extra reminders to not forget things; and being kinder to myself when errors do occur. I scribble down soothing affirmations to allow myself to surrender to any perceived step backwards—some words you can include as "I am renewed and revived through all" or for "shifting through the shit" for a dash of humour. I take pride in coming up with and a laugh a bellyful with the latter.