Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I am a creature of habit; I can eat a favourite meal for dinner for days on end, practice the same yoga routine every every day of the week, and my skincare routine is not an exception here. Although many experts suggest rotating moisturisers or cleansers and switching up products seasonally, most of my products are here to stay. The two crowning glories of my favourite skincare products: rose + rice. 

These are incredibly ancient ingredients used to soothe + regenerate the skin. Asian women swore by rice before soap ever existed and it is still the way many of them achieve that baby doll skin. Rose has been the single most reparative ingredient for my skin that is sensitive to practically everything. It builds a barrier or moisture + integrity for the skin to strengthen itself, to be less reactive to external and internal stressors. 

Here are my staples + newcomers for silken, pearlescent skin . . . .

CHIDORIYA RICE WASH |  I am a complete afficionada of Chidoriya products + traditional Japnese skincare, which I gushed about here. This is the most silken rice wash powder I've ever tried. A little goes a long way and it turns creamy when mixed with water + applied to the face. It's gentle enough for the most sensitive or sensitised skin and soothes any irritations. This is my current and forever face wash. 

CHIDORIYA SILK + RICE SOAP | For those who prefer a lather or find powders too messy, the bar soap version of Chidoriya rice wash is equally effective. It has a very slight lather, which is indicative of its purity and gentleness. So, if you're looking to remove makeup, I'd suggest wiping it beforehand with cotton cloths + your preferred oil. They also have a light makeup remover that works well enough for waterproof mascara and provides moisture to the eye area. 

TATCHA RICE ENZYME POWDER | If you'd prefer to incorporate rice to your skincare regimen without changing up your face wash, this is an incredible addition. The powder is very fine but provides cleansing beyond just scrubbing—the enzymes in the powder work to regenerate the skin's natural gleam when activated by water.

POPPY & SOMEDAY GYPSY ROSE TONER | To say that my skin thirsts for this toner is an understatement. As my facial skin is slightly sensitive to witch hazel, I began to use this on my body instead as a post-shower mist. This is something I've adopted as per the suggestion of the ever resourceful Becky of Be Clean Shop, who uses Soul Sunday as her post-shower mist. Spritzing the skin with these products after a shower and before oiling allows for the further locking in of moisture as it keeps the skin dewy and contains hydrating elements. Keep your toner by the shower for a try

This velvety oil is a blend of prickly pear! and rose oil that generates glowy skin as rare as both of these oils are—it takes 1,500 pounds of prickly seed to produce one liter of its oil . . .  Coupled with the skin-toning, hydrating, + nutrient-dense rose oil, the aknari serum is the antidote to achieve silken skin

BENSHEN ROSE + ALOE HYDROSOL | Another rosey little mist but big on completely shifting my vibration. Desirée infuses her toner with healing mantras and I flip it out of my purse + spray it all around me when I'm flipping out mentally. My office staple. 

FIG + YARROW ROSE CLAY MASK |  A beautifully crafted blend of soft clay that will simultaneously draw out impurities and soothe the skin. Many clay masks can be too a harsh for sensitive or allergenic skin, but I have found this to be an exceptional option in my search for a mask that is cleansing and not merely hydrating, which are what most masks targeted for sensitive skin. 

AQUARIAN SOUL ROSE OIL | A rose petal-infused body oil that is locally-sourced, immediately locks in moisture, + is intentionally created through the hands of a crystal healer? Showered in love . . .