Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I am more than honoured to feature Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers with you. I've always been a recycler, reducer, reuser—aiming for low-impact simplicity—but Lauren's awareness has completely shifted mine. You can enlighten yourself by listening to her TEDTalk here. At work, I now tug along a cotton towel with me rather than using paper ones, bring these along to Sunday markets, + always have some silverware  jangling in my purse.

Lauren has produced only a small mason jar's worth of trash over years . . . That's sadly [yet frankly] a day's worth of trash for some of us, ripping away sheets of paper towels and opting for plastic containers. These choices are not out of necessity but what we assume is convenience, and Lauren's work throws that myth in the trash [in all its punny glory]. It's just as easy to reach for a cotton towel as it is for a paper one. Here is Lauren Singer to show you that we can make our own toothpaste, tare our own jars, and yes, have sustainable sex . . . 

L A U R E N  S I N G E R   |  T R A S H   I S   F O R   T O S S E R S

Q:  Tell us a little about yourself and what led you to begin a zero waste lifestyle.
I have always cared deeply for the environment. I studied environmental science in school and was always
talking about how we should do this and that to tend to it. One day I realized that while I cared for the environment, I wasn't doing anything to live that way, and so I decided to make a change. Going Zero Waste for me, has been the absolute the best way to align my values (hope for a more balanced environment) with my day to day lifestyle (not producing any trash and living sustainably). This alignment has exponentially improved the quality of my life. I am a big proponent of not imposing my values on others, but instead, being a walking example of the values that I embody.

Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of living a zero waste lifestyle?
There really hasn’t been anything challenging about living a Zero Waste lifestyle. I began living this lifestyle for myself and every step of the way was one for me to get closer to aligning my values with my lifestyle and so I always had fun along the way.
Q: What are three tips you would give someone interested in reducing their environmental impact/produce less trash.
For anyone who is looking to begin living a life without trash - I have three simple steps.
I // The first is to look in your garbage can, see what you have, and focus on how you can eliminate it. For me it was food packing and food waste and so I learned how to shop in bulk and compost.

II // The second is to focus on low hanging fruit - meaning little things that you can change in your everyday life to prevent waste. Those are bringing a reusable bag to the store as opposed to taking a paper or plastic bag, bringing a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic, bringing your own cup to the coffee shop instead of a disposable one, packing your lunch instead of getting takeout. 

III // The third is to DIY meaning make products yourself. There are some really simple and easy ones on my blog, such as toothpaste, that make the transition really easy!

Q: What are your top sources for education and products for sustainable + environmentally-friendly living.
I love Life Without Plastic for great Zero Waste swap outs! As far as education, I just keep my eye out for any type of literature or press having to do with technology or environmental issues. There is always so much happening!

Q: What is just one zero waste practise that anyone can incorporate into their lives today?
Everyone is different so there is not a one-size-fits-all tip, but I think there are some easy swaps that we can make such as using a reusable bag instead of paper or plastic bags, a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles, and a reusable coffee cup instead of daily disposable cups.