Monday, October 12, 2015


T H E   M I R R O R  |  N E W   M O O N   I N   L I B R A

The intensity of this New Moon in Libra has eclipsed over me, unearthing layers upon layers of unconscious habitual tendencies. Last night under the light of the approaching New Moon, I had an epiphany through a cœur ouvert with my mum. She piercingly spoke of how fears which I have developed were accumulating themselves into unconscious habits, burying the presence of my authentic Self. I had progressively built myself into an automaton, built of an engine that re-wired that of my own. I was not self-functioning and, frankly, unaware. I was spinning my world around other moons—other people's expectations, stories, and even those I was inscribing about myself. We all tell ourselves stories. We then find ourselves swimming in dark waters that are shallow yet leave us treading in fear of drowning. We are fearful of standing on our own grounds, allowing the world to revolve around us for once and more. We feel guilty about the good.

Many of us do. I think of this habit as a lunar and solar eclipse. We tend to view ourselves like the latter; from the point of the Earth, only seeing our smaller selves—the moon—rather than our highest selves of the Sun. This New Moon builds energy towards around seeing ourselves more like a lunar eclipse, leaving our shadow behind and turning towards a lighter presence. It's a challenge to see ourselves as the centre of our Universe and to allow it, without trickling in of feelings of selfishness. It's a time to cultivate time—for ourselves—and recognise that if we do not cultivate it for ourselves, we cannot set it aside for others. We're in a frantic search for answers + fling away our time to others. 

In light of this New Moon, make the space to pull back + recoil into yourself. Take the time to think more—to say "I don't know" or dare to deny, to say no. We can say no to others, to our loved ones even, without withdrawing from love. Rather, saying no is love when we can be straight + honest enough with others about our condition rather than seeing yes as a sign of love. Yes should not be an obligation but a sign of care, for both you and the other. We can then re-define saying no as learning to be fully present to say yes to others by taking a moment to gather + say yes to ourselves.

This New Moon is an encounter of the Self and Other that results in a clearing for ourselves, mirroring what lies within by how we perceive and interact with Others. "Everybody is a somebody," Ram Dass says, "when nobody is home." The moon is knocking, let's come home . . .

T H E   G U R U   M A N T R A 

This mantra meditation is an appropriate transition from a quote from Ram Dass + complimentary to his words. It follows as "Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Dass Guru" and it clear our chakras so that we can open the door + invite ourselves back into our homely bodies. Here is a short guide to it. Each word in the mantra directs our awareness to each of the chakras—the first Guru starting at the base of the spine in our root chakra and ending at the crown chakra, with a visualisation of a light-filled lotus flower inviting in clearing energy. Begin with 11 minutes + see what feels right for you in terms of timing—three, seven, 11, and so on. Sat nam . . .