Friday, October 9, 2015


T H E  G U I D E :  C O S Y   E S S E N T I A L S 

My essentials from cordyceps coffee to what's between the sheets as we cosy up into the breezes of a new season . . .

N O S H E S   +  N I B S  | These breezes call for meals that are a little heavier, a little warmer, sweeter, earthier. Food to provide our bodies with more sustenance to carry through the seasons. Yet, we need to compliment that with some stimulation and below is my go-to tonic for a morning jolt or that afternoon energy slide. This is an super-charged replacement for coffee with cordyceps, which is a medicinal mushroom that both energises and soothes the adrenals affected by caffeine or stress. The fats further provide sustained energy levels and satiety which, frankly, feels never-ending during colder months—doesn’t your stomach feel like an empty pit, too?!

I have been making these sage roasted white asparagus weekly—incredibly fragrant + flavourful yet simple. I also love these meatballs from the inventive Martine + I'd top off that meal with the seasonally-appropriate pumpkin on top panna cotta. These pastured pork chops from Holly of The Common Woman are also a warming dish. And this carrot cake from Heartbeet Kitchen is the first thing I'm whipping up over the weekend . . .

c o r d y c e p s   c o f f e e
2 tablespoons cordyceps | sun potion or four sigma foods
1/4 cup coconut mylk | homemade or non-BPA, gum -free
1/4 cup dandelion root tea
2 teaspoons raw coconut butter
Optional sweetener | raw coconut sugar / maple syrup / jerusalem artichoke syrup / raw honey / stevia

Warm up the liquids, add in the cordyceps + coconut butter, + blend until frothy!

D O N |  There are certain fabrics that will keep you warmer than others during colder months and cheap polyester washed with flame-retardant is not one of them. Opt for high-quality cotton, cashmere, and silk. Although they tend to be pricier, they are infinitely more durable and insulating. I love the ‘technology’ of machine-washable Kit + Ace cashmere and silk offerings of loup charmant

Since cosy times call for countless hours in bed + in between the sheets, it’s only logical for the quality of our bedspread to match the moments made. Parachute has an incredible selection of sustainably-sourced and -crafted sheets. I am so moved by their mission as a medical anthropologist—they’ve partnered with Nothing But Nets, which provides bed nets to those in need for protection from Malaria. Spread the duvet, pile on the throws, + prop up your slippers with good conscience . . .

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a pyjama aficinada—I call it my 4 a.m. style. Breathable cottons from J.crew such as this silk slip and my classic set; every single ever beautiful piece from loup charmant; and the vibrant pieces by Tink + Tiger are my favourites. A girl can dream of Yolke pyjamas, which I recently discovered thanks to Katie Armour. 

W A T C H  | Think of 90s Nora Ephron warmth, cynicism + smart laughs of Woody Allen, + peeling away the curtains into Wes Anderson’s universe. We are hit daily by information that is complex yet requires swift mental digestion. Allow your vision + mind to ease with these selections—look at those shoulder pads + puffs of hair . . .