Friday, October 16, 2015


To compliment this weeks feature on Lauren of Trash is for Tossers, here is my guide to physically  + energetically stepping into a zero waste lifestyle . . .

T H E   G U I D E   |  Z E R O   W A S T E   L I F E S T Y L E

A W A R E N E S S  |  Before embarking on reducing physical and mental trash in our lives, we must notice and acknowledge their presence. All our hands are dirty—we need to dive them into the muck before we can wash ourselves into simpler living. When I first became aware of Laurens work, I felt like my mind was blown / being crumpled up. Even with the level of awareness I had of not using plastic, I was still producing more trash than I frankly could otherwise. The accumulation reflected itself in my mind as well since any sort of “clutter", even if tidy, will occupy mental space. 

Some of Lauren’s questions that evaluated + expanded my view were why I want to reduce trash and what I am currently doing that is producing more of it:  Focus on + pat yourself for your response to this last question—it’s important to not embark on your journey feeling overwhelmed or critical about your current lifestyle. You’ve already made a highly aware and impactful decision for yourself and all that is larger than you. 

 I N C O R P O R A T I O N  |  With a heightened awareness + buzz of the newfound, take the time to clear your physical and mental space. I’m incredibly sentimental, so this meant throwing away diaries that I had from nine years ago [after a long, long glance over heart-shaped entries + complaints of a baby-then me], birthday cards, + odds-and-ends. I was stupefied by how easy it was to part with most of these endeared items. Lighter . . .

This follows an energetic clearing of your clean space. Pick + clear your path—my favourite is white sage but I also love palo santo and sweetgrass. Burn it away. I like to say a simple internal prayer as I do so, asking that this physical clearing manifests into a clearing of my mind and all those who entre into the space. 

Once the air is also lighter, sit in your space. I sat by my puja which you can hop on over to learn about how to perform it here or simply sit wherever you’d like to, envisioning a similar internal cleansing. I focus on my crown chakra and third eye, with a swooping “L” shaped point of light entering through the crown, clearing my mind,  and exiting through my third eye.

T R A D I N G   T O O L S  | Lauren has a guide of her own for a zero-waste told of the trade that you can peruse here. Here are my picks that make for an easeful transition from trips to the market to decluttering your bathroom staples . . .

produce bags | I love this greens bag to stash away produce I get from the market + these unbleached, compostable bags for snacks
cotton market bag | Any cotton, reusable bag will do, but this one from Moon Juice + this one from Huckle &Goose are handy for me! 
stainless steel bottle | My go-to has always been Klean Kanteen and I use this one
cutting board | I love my wooden + marble cutting board, but these are a great option as well
to-go utensils and tupperware | Travel with these + avoid BPA-laden + non-recyclable plastic utensils while noshing on your meal packed into this or, my favourite, weck jars
pots + pans | a forever favourite + affordable classic of Lodge + stainless steel pans (as well as, of course, Le Creuset)
towels | keep a small cotton towel handy at work for trips to the bathroom and in the kitchen + avoid paper towels