Wednesday, November 25, 2015


T A N G L E D   I N   T H O U G H T   |  F U L L   M O O O N  I N   G E M I N I 

This Full Moon is spinning towards us with the rapid-fire onslaught of information and energy characteristic of Gemini, illuminating the opposing Scorpio and Taurus. The vibrations of this Full Moon can pool in and drown us in a lack of clarity in regards to external versus internal information. In its rise, you might have huffed and rubbed eyes over many sleepless nights, tossing around thoughts like crinkled bed sheets. 

This is a process of processing. Standing in the glimmer of the Information Age, we can experience the emotional elements of Scorpio through comparison and abandon our sense of self, brought about by the stable heart of Taurus. If we merely look around for external validation, we will eventually spin ourselves into a web of thoughts out of the stories we assume people are weaving about us. We must see ourselves, must communicate and face our egos, and untangle the untruths we tell ourselves about ourselves in order to communicate with our external world. We often hide aspects of ourselves that surface through assumed thoughts that others have about us or through reinterpreting their words. We take these emotionally and as personal precisely because they are. 

Under the light of this Full Moon, rather than allowing ego to drive us towards our defenses with our Shadow, may we take the wheel in allowing to open up to allowing ourselves to see the state of our minds exactly as they are. Riding, flowing, and dancing beyond the ego into a process of merging with the Universe—you . . .