Monday, November 2, 2015


T H E   G U I D E   |   B E D S I D E   T A B L E   M A N N E R S 
A guide to biohacking your brain + body into sweeter slumbers, from moonlit rituals to bedside staples . . .

r e s t i n g   r i t u a l s  
f. l u x  | As much as many of us aspire to turn off our computers in the evening, it's not a possibility for the majority. A way to hack into the digital rabbit hole is to use f.lux, a software designed to fluctuate your screen's light according to the time of day. The app controls and reduced blue light colours which, according to research, is the most harmful and are highly disruptive to melatonin levels. I used this app through college—much to the dismay and surprise of friends exclaiming that my "screen is orange?!"—and it saved me from many post-epic-essay sleep deprivation. 

p a s s i o n  f l o w e r  | I have many herbs in my witch's cabinet for sleep, but passionflower has been my chief supplement. Previously, I used to use GABA powder [and I still do from time to time], but Passionflower itself works by increasing this stress-reducing chemical in the brain. The increase in GABA then allows certain brain cells to lower their activity, promoting rest. This herb is also the most potent yet gentle supplement to take for anxiety, another block on our paths to bed. For an even more potent hit, mix it into a teaspoon each of reishi + rhodiola as tea, which will aid in recovering adrenal fatigue . . .

 m a g n e s i u m | I  usually do a spoonful of this highly absorptive magnesium to relax my muscles before bed + put a pause in between my monkey mind thoughts 

a p i t h e r a p y  |  For more eye-twitching nights than one, I used to wake up multiple times throughout. Although I was able to swiftly able to drift back into sleep, I was aware that my sleep was light and that I was in this liminal space of being asleep yet awake. Queue in a spoonful of raw honey in the evening to make the sleep go down. Apitherapy is the medicinal use of honeybee products and this raw, unfiltered honey—filled with beeswax, pollen, + propolis—has provided me with stick-to-my-bones medicine. I sleep soundly, wake up rejuvenated, I'm more alert during the day, and my joint pain is practically nonexistent.

d a r k n e s s  | A room that is completely dark—so much so that if you raised your hand, you would not be able to see it—is essential for a good night's sleep and a sleeping mask will not cut it. The incredible Lauren has more to say about that  and the effect of light on even our hormones with Lunaception over on Empowered Sustenance

s i d e   s t a p l e s 
v i t r u v i   s p r a y s  +  dōTERRA o i l s  | To say I am utterly enthralled by vitruvi would be an understatement—I have two sprays and an oil blend by my bedside table. Aromatherapy is an incredible tool to hack into your body from sleep to awakening. I use focus before meditation to unwind and sleep on my temples + inner wrists before crawling into bed. I also always put a drop of lavender oil on the balls of my feet—for increased + optimal absorption—before putting them up the wall for viparita karani. This allows for the blood to recirculate + carry along the soothing effects of lavender oil more effectively. 

h i m a l a y a n   s a l t  | Clean air that is clear of EMF + allergens will also promote better sleep—you can read more on the former here. Himalayan salt lamps promotes the circulation of cleaner air and reduced the impact EMFs have on us.

a r a g o n i t e  | I always keep a crystal underneath my pillow. Certain crystals can be far too stimulating for sleep and you will need to experiment to see which crystals you resonate with at nighttime. This can even change over time—my current crystal is a beautiful twin aragonite , which used to provide me with endless energy that kept me awake months ago. Some crystals that you might want to try are lepidolite, rose quartz, amethyst, and sodalite. 

f i g   +   y a r r o w   a t m o s p h e r e   m i s t  | I got this spray recently from Hälsa, my favourite restaurant here in D.C. In addition to spraying it post-cleaning during the day, I spritz it around my bed before sleep + drift off into moonlit dreams . . .