Wednesday, November 18, 2015


A few scraps, staples, + sides that I stash into my bag to elevate my presence + hack into my day . . .

T H E   G U I D E   |   I N   M Y   B A G

C R Y S T A L | Charging my crystals through the lunar cycle always is a challenge because I have little crystals tucked away in every single pocket + purse. Keep a small crystal in your bag whose vibrational properties will assist you in your daily internal + external adventures. I have been carrying citrine for confidence lately, but usually have fluorite with me at work for focused concentration + clarity. Pick whatever crystal that resonates with you—let your intuition be your guide . . .

F L O W E R   R E M E D Y  | My father used to give me flower remedies as a child for anything ranging from toothache to anxiety. I now keep a little vial primarily for tension release. My favourite is Lotus Wei's Inner Peace as just a few squeezes allow me to drop into a sweeter spot.

B I T T E R S | We don't consume nearly as much bitters as we used to. I always have packets of mushroom tea in my bag. In addition to my daily consumption of bitter greens, mushrooms, tinctures, + ferments, I recently started adding herbal bitters from Urban Moonshine into my regimen. I keep it in my purse to spray after meals to optimise my digestion + the invigorating taste provides a nice cleansing for the palate.

L I P   L O T I O N | Whose bag is ever complete without a lip potion of sorts? My favourite is Peacock Apothecary, but I also enjoy Badger Balm, EiR, + Jao.

F R A G R A N C E | My only vice, which recently I've been saved from thanks to Susannah of Florescent Perfume. I had the honour of joining  Kit & Ace for a highly sensory experience at their event last week. We sampled her line, learned more about essential oils, + created our own signature scents. I obsessively have been applying her Sundays during weekday daydreams . . . I also smell my little travel-sized dhoop sticks for a sensory zap into balancing the two hemispheres.

L I P S T I C K  | I'm not caught often without my signature lip crayon lining my pouts. Tarte makes the safest, long-listing, + vibrantly-hued lip crayons.

S A L T | I'm a salt snob and would rather eat a dish plain than use table salt. In order to pack in higher dose of minerals + replenish electrolytes, it's handy to have a little container like this one from Jacobsen Salt Co. to carry around for a dash on any dish . . .

A R O MA T H E R A P Y | I always have a bottle of Vitruvi oil for Focus to polish off my posture, brighten my vision, + ease my shoulders down from tension at work. If I'm in any way overwhelmed by stress, I dap lavender oil on the base of my neck + bottoms of my feet for immediate herbal dose of medication.