Friday, December 11, 2015


F R E E D O M   F I R E   |  N E W   M O O O N  I N  S A G I T T A R I U S

Just as we burn away our tendencies, reservations, and blocks on paper under lunar light, so too will this new moon bring to ashes our hindrances to rise into our freedom. The energetic compass of the New Moon in Sagittarius points nowhere and anywhere, fueling us with the fire to take on dreamy challenges, opportunities, and projects. We must take caution, however, since this hyperbolic rosy haze of adventurous decisions can burn us out through overcommitment and overzealousness. 

Our freedom lies in stepping into the ring questioning through the contractive energy of Saturn—What is your reality? What is your truth and that which blocks it? What is truly your realm of possibility? We must tread and burn our path for clearing with equally clear eyes and heart, seeing all there is to see within our true selves and our environment sans delusions or romanticism. We must make space within these realms in order to expand the opportunities that with which this New Moon is capable of gifting us. Peeling away into reality then stepping into the stage of possibility . . .

In order to set foot on this path, we must also clear the energies stagnant or blocked in our subtle bodies. Here are specific poses for each chakra that you can incorporate into your yoga practise today to open and elevate yourself.