Friday, December 4, 2015


Just like the weight of material objects or physical beings, energetic weight fluctuates. It ebbs and flows, at times washing us clean or taking us into the froth of troubled waters. Smudging is a stepping stone to find clearer ground to stand upon amidst the tides—a walk upon water, if you will.

These sticks that often consists of resinous herbs + flowers are gathered then gently sun-dried then burned to cleanse the air + aura. Although smudge sticks can be bought in many places now from quaint crystal shops to mega health food stores, making our own smudge stick reroots us back into Native American rites + ceremonies. It honours the plant, it honours the land, + honours our hands—we create, we burn, we clean to regenerate ourselves from cinder + smoke  . . . 

T H E   G U I D E   |  H O M E M A D E   S M U D G E   S T I C K 

White sage is the most common ingredient in smudge sticks, but there are many other herbs that you can grow + gather for your smudge stick. Some ingredients that you may already have on hand are cedar, sweetgrass, thyme, lavender, lemon balm, bee balm, sagebrush, and rosemary. I have heard yarrow used in smudge sticks although some people are very sensitive to it. You must keep in mind that we don't all react the same way towards these unique herbs—certain herbs can even an asthmatic reaction. Take caution and be gentle + respectful—with yourself and these powerful herbs.

Once you pick your herb(s), allow them to gently dry out any mould-causing dampness or moisture, but make sure they don't try out to the point that they're too brittle to wrap a string around.

Find your string—I prefer this organic cotton twine to make sure that there are no toxic fumes when the smudge stick eventually burns it. 

Clip the herbs so that they're even in height, taking out any unkempt or diseased leaves. You need to make sure that the cleanest and healthiest leaves are selected for your cleansing. 

Begin wrapping your bundle tightly from the top. Hold the herbs firmly in one hand and the string in the other, pulling tightly as you wrap the string around the bundle. 

Once you reach the end of the bundle, start wrapping it back towards the top of the bundle with a cris-cross action. Return back down to the end of the bundle now with the same action. Wrap the string around the end a few time then tie the string in a knot. Clip off any loose ends. 

Let the bundle completely air dry in a cool, dark area. You can simply place it on a surface or hang them up on a string to dry. When ready, strike a match and burn whenever strikes your fancy . . .