Monday, December 28, 2015


T H E   G U I D E   |  N A U G H T Y ,  N I C E ,  +  N E W   Y E A R

Selections to welcome in the new year with a dash of naughty, nice, + clearance for a washed canvas . . . 

T O   W E L C O M E   I N   T H E  N E W 
benshen radiant sessions |  a session to open your eyes in and into the grace of who you are by the mind master Desirée Pais
ra ma institute | a tuning in to keep you dedicated to yourself + honour those who serve you through tapping into the technology of kundalini yoga
emotional freedom technique | the biohack of your new year that will rewire your neurological pathways
moon calendar | a calendar to cultivate a new relationship with time + attune to the lunar cycle transposed on the sun's annual cycle
smudge stick | a D.I.Y. to burn + sage the shit of the past into cinder + smoke . . .
zero waste | guide to a limited, clean, + clear lifestyle for zero waste

T O  B E  N A U G H T Y
holiday cocktail guide | bookmark this mindful mixer guide from House of Citrine to shake + elevate your tastebuds in your buzz . . .  
beauty cocktail water | to sip clean + pretty while playing dirty, mix this purifying blend of silica + rose petal into your drinks
sex dust | mix a teaspoon of this potion into warm homemade pumpkin seed milk [which supports libido + the reproductive system] or coconut milk to get the blood rushing to all the right places . . .
in love flower remedy | a master blend from the flower child herself, Alexis Smart,to fill your little heart with more love for yourself + everyone you interact with, deepen your precious relationships, + attract new healthy ones . . .
fabrics | to feel + move in beauty for yourself or a loved one, delicate selections from loup charmant, adore me, flora nikrooz, + free people with a little kitten mask—because, why not?
scents |a spritz of this or slow burn of these selections . . . 
chocolate + cookie collection | chocolate for ecstatic bliss + cookies [or make your own here] to be devoured in bed, down with the crumbs

T O   B E  N I C E
reishi | a packet of four sigma foods reishi, xoco blue, or spoonful of sun potion's in a tonic to zap away stress + ease into any coming interactions
mucuna pruriens | a dash in a nightly tonic to drop into an alternate universe with earthy caramel notes met with deep dreams [with a good dumb smile you won't be able to drink off]
slow mornings, sweet hearts | a guide to cultivate softer step into each new day . . . 
jun + kombucha | balancing acts of kombucha + jun come January 1st amidst the boozy indulgences that precede it
performing a puja | because only when we create space to honour ourselves can we allow the space to welcome in the abundance of a new year . . .


  1. wow i love this list and can't wait to spend tomorrow going through some of the steps :)

    p.s. how do you make pumpkin seed milk? just 1 cup seeds and 4 cups water? x

    1. Hi there! I am thrilled to hear that you'll be spending some time going through these intentionally. Please do let me know which ones resonate with you.

      As for the pumpkin seed milk, I first soak a cup in a dash of apple cider vinegar or salt in purified water to reduce the anti-nutrient phytic acid. Then I rinse them in purified water to blend them with three cups of water. You can add a dash of pink salt or a date to add in extra flavour as well. In joy!