Wednesday, January 13, 2016


T H E   G U I D E   |  F R O M   T H E   F A R M E R
Amidst the spinning resolutions to support our body in the New Year lies community. When we foster the work of the local farmer to baker, we fuel both our own physical and the economy of our surrounding bodies. From the Farmer's mission is precisely that, substracting the effort of  seeking, shopping, and schedule. A local farm-to-door delivery service that not only brings a bounty of produce but also sundries like local Vigilante coffee or fresh grass-fed beef. Here are pickings à la From the Farmer and beyond to nosh on + imbibe in locally . . .

Local selections to add to your to your from the farmer bag + surrounding markets to tote around the town . . .
vigilante coffee |  a directly-sourced coffee bean-to-roaster that supports the local community, works directly with the farmers, and honours the unique essence of each source country's bean. 
compass coffee | a cup and a spoonful of cosy galore in the store of compass coffee, which brings coffee at its seasonal peak flavour to your brew.
greenheart organic | a squeeze of my heart topped with a shot of ginger—I am mesmerised by greenheart's commitment to quality plants, ayurvedic principles, + environmental awareness. I measure my life out in [spoonfuls of greenheart juice] . . . 
undone chocolate | a bean-to-bar sans trickster bearded brothers, undone chocolate gently crafts their chocolate from farm-direct organic cocoa beans ground with ingredients like himalayan pink salt + cardamom.
mto kombuchathe master brew that popped my kombucha cherry, made-to-order kombucha has a seemingly endless line of flavours ranging from coffee to hops to my favourite, lemon rosemary.
the organic butcher | the little shop that simmering in the scents of roasing ,smoking, + broth-boiling of tender local, grass-fed + pastured meats that will overtake your poor little mouth . . .
CAVA | with shops peppered along streets of D.C. that serve tahini-drizzled pick-your-own bowls, CAVA has a selection of spread + savouries crafted in-house to take home.
rise bakery | a dedicated local gluten-free bakery that even further accommodate egg, soy, dairy, and nut allergies for the taking of toast + tea! 
oasis creamery | a beautifully fed and churned butter from grass-fed cows for a frothy bulletproof drink or to simmer for a full-moon ghee
No. 1 Sons | a pickle to pick on when you're in a pickle with your last forkful of sauerkraut—this is one of my go-to brands I reach for when I crunch on the last leaf in my torso-sized sauerkraut jar . . . 
Misfit Juicery | an endless toast for this young entrepreneur-driven juice company that believes dimpled apples and produce that falls by the wayside due to high aesthetic standards provides equal fuel.  
Goûter | made of organic produce, 9.5 alkaline water, + made to order, goûter is both conveniently sold in local locations such as wydown + yes! organic market as well as delivering to homes and offices.