Friday, February 12, 2016


F A R M A C Y  :  M A K E   O R G A N I C   L O V E

I have compiled a collection of dainty wears, tantalising scents, euphoric chocolates, + pampering provisions for a rosy little day of romance. Let's get high on the ecstatic vibrations of love—take that, make that whatever your little heart desires! Love your partner, love your mama, love yourself, love your cells . . .

P A M P E R 
infinite love mist | I am in love with the potent potions that Lotus Wei creates + this one is a tantalising concoction of Hong Kong Orchid, Orange Hawkweed and Pink Tourmaline that will enhance your magnetism + love
holy smokes incense | this incense is one of the smokiest, deepest, most beautiful incense that I have come across—perfect to set the mood . . .
vered le chocolate citrus face scrub | I can't think of a scrub more appropriate than one that smells of chocolate. The vered scrub contains essential oils such as grapefruit + lemongrass that detoxify the pores, deeply cleanses the skin, + stabilises sebum production as it gently exfoliates the skin as you salivate like Pavlov's dog for some chocolate . . .

may lindstrom honey mud mask | one of the most incredibly indulgent masks possibly ever, this honey mud mask does it all. The white halloysite clay draws out impurities, colloidal silver acts as an agent against acne-causing bacteria, + intoxicating honey softens and hydrates the skin. A delectable little treat for your skin . . .
odacité pomegranate + rose geranium serum concentrate | velvety perfection of a serum with rose absolute to hydrate your skin + give it a rosy, dewy glow!
love notes | pick a blank, Valentine's Day, or even a thank you card + fill it with a word, sentence, or a poem—the content to your heart's content! I love Paper Source, Anna Rifle BondMr. Boddington's Studio, and Kate Spade for stationery + greeting cards.

raw organic coconut oil | pure, whole, + smells of a tropical paradise—who needs more? The only warning with coconut oil: make sure to use it with non-latex condoms since oil-based lubricants will degrade latex
sustain condoms | I'm not one to take natural, organic, + safe lightly. I take what I take + it's all as close to Mama Earth as I can possibly get it. I flail my hands at refined coconut oil + toxic-laden skincare. So, it's only natural that the rule of not putting anything on your body that you would not put in your body should follow [with all its intended glorious pun]. Unfortunately, our standards + concern for natural ingredients somehow go down like a one-night stand when it comes to sex. If you wear these, you will not get pregnant + die or overloaded with toxic chemicals. Made without nitrosamines, these condoms are fair trade, vegan, + sustainable.

good clean love | With safe + simple ingredients such as aloe vera, this lubricant is vegan + comes in naked as well as cinnamon vanilla [and a side of chai latté]
sylk | Continuing our journey on the tropical love boat, this lubricant is derived from New Zealand kiwifruit extract + contains no harsh chemicals, hormones, or animal products
I M B I B E  +  N O S H
sex dust | I mentioned this divine libido-enhancing tonic in my gift guide + I will reiterate: sip on this aphrodisiac tonic + get ready for the best night of your life
love wine | Add a dash of this into a cup of warmed, homemade pumpkin seed milk along with a sprinkle of sex dust to get your blood pumping
he shou wu + pine pollen | These two herbs—he shou wu + pine pollen—are foods that tonify the sexual center in both women and men, promoting enhanced endocrine function and blood flow to all the right organs
alexis smart in love flower remedy | To fill your little heart with more love for yourself + everyone you interact with, deepen your precious relationships, + attract new healthy ones . . .

chocolate | The day of love—so, frankly, any day—won't be complete with a bite or bar of chocolate. My favourites are Pure7, Sweetness of Being, Eating Evolved, Julian's, Living Libations, and for the bitter-tongued like myself, Guittard 100% unsweetened bar [or you could make your own raw raspberry rose cream truffles!]

Or, you know, it ain't me but vibe with yourself + some crystals if that's your game . . .