Monday, February 8, 2016


H O N E Y  G O L D  T I M E |  N E W   M O O O N  I N  A Q U A R I U S

Time to steep in time rather than swimming against the current of the sticky past. It's time to unearth, out of the many truths that command your microcosm directly and indirectly, your truth. What truth is demanding your mind and the flow of time? What makes time tick and stream in honey gold flow? How are you turning the consistency of time from honey into water, dripping and moving in it rather than getting stuck and sticky in others' truths, expectations, and even those of your own that are untrue to your true self? 

This new moon is space for the teetering weight of setting a balance on your needs and obligations, your internal and external interactions, and to create a shift. A time to create fluidity between our selves and our surroundings. A lunar movement to follow the flow of our own time so others may bathe in and drift through that of their own . . .