Tuesday, March 8, 2016


T H E   B E I G E  B L U E S  |  S U P E R  M O O N  /  T O T A L   E C L I P S E  I N  P I S C E S

This supermoon is a total eclipse of the tides of our emotions, piercing through the static blanket into which we weave ourselves. It forces us to lift this veil of our past and future events foreseen through the lens of delusion. We carry this field with us wherever we go, like an old sweater that keeps us warm in its static comfort. An ease in its all knowing of the past and a delusional belief of a consistent future. Devoid of colour or vivaciousness in living—a pale beige existence. 

Through the eye of this supermoon, allow yourself to pluck away at the pills of your sweater—the old wounds, the traumas, the bounding chords—then lift it and yourself up into clearance. 

May this supermoon flood ourselves and our cells with the capacity to lift the veil and take off our pilled beige sweaters. Here’s to warming into our own stories as the sun of a solar eclipse. This is a moon that reverberates the honeyed voice of your lightest self—clear, white, milken, both devoid and simultaneously containing all colours.