Thursday, March 3, 2016


A round up some favourite places to savour safely —accommodating anything + anyone from allergies to vegan enthusiasts to paleo noshers . . .

T H E   G U I D E   |   N Y C   E A T S 

H U   K I T C H E N  | this lace is my culinary second home when I'm in NYC—I could and do practically eat most of my meals here. Hu Kitchen is completely gluten-, grain-, GMO-, soy-, refined sugar-, and crap-free fast + casual eatery. The meat options are grass-fed and pasture-raised with plenty of satisfying vegan options available such as the Veggie Grandmaster Loaf or vegetable side dishes. Many of the offerings do include nuts and/or nightshades for those following the Autoimmune Protocol, but there are nonetheless plenty of safe options. I love the taro no-yo pudding, a sophisticated adult upgrade of puddings cups reminiscent of childhood lunches. You can pound it out with a cup overflowing of toasted coconut, fresh berries, or granola made in-house. Oh and for lunch or dinner,  I suggest with mouth wide open a generous plate of their buttery coconut- and sea salt-brined chicken. 

H U N D R E D  A C R E S  | in a quaint country setting, Hundred Acres serves a frequently changing menu centered on seasonal American home cooking. Its current market menu includes items like spit-roasted amish farm chicken, grilled octopus with blood orange, or roasted vegetables to find solace from the late-winter winds. 

C A F É   C L O V E R  | an warm restaurant nestled in West Village, Café Clover sources local and organic produce, grass-fed meats, and offers a charming setting. Some autoimmune-friendly menu staples for me include local striped bass with artichokes and seared ramps, whole branzino à la plancha with castelvetrano olives + fennel, and Goeffle Farm pounded chicken breast. Other satisfying plates include baby carrot salad with cashew cheese + carrot green pesto and Goeffle Farm egg scramble with market salad.

A N G E L I C A  K I T C H E N | an organic casual restaurant serving plant-based + vegan fare, some great options are their sides such as sea vegetables; kabocha squash, Japanese sweet potatoes, + turnips (an adrenal fatigue-healing dream for the New York bustle); and steamed vegetables. The menu does contain a lot of soy-based items such as tofu and dressings, but you can hold different sauces and order a salad for a light lunch option. They also have juices that are fresh-to-order!

T H E   B U T C H E R '  S   D A U G H T E R  | although they do offer crumb-pickin', finger-lickin' bar snacks made in-house like kale chips + house-brined vegetables, the butcher's daughter takes the cake?! for their heritage juices of dreamy floral blends like watermelon, fennel, honeydew, cactus pear, lime, and lavender flower or my preferred pungent choice of zucchini, celery, green leaf, lettuces, spinach, watercress, lemon, and dill.

G I N G E R S N A P S   O R G A N I C  |  I love the few drinks and noshes that I have fed on here which include the warming Hemp Horchata peppered with cloves + cinnamon, cauliflower soup, + the superfood salad (hold the nightshade dressing)! Very simple yet satisfying fare with even more options for those who can tolerate nuts.

S O U E N  S O H O  | there is almost no meal as comforting to me as one with seafood, which makes Souen's piece of broiled fish with a macrobiotic side of kabocha, broccoli, and carrot a quiet indulgence.

L A F A Y E T T E  | a brasserie in the style of belle-epoque, Lafayette is an enchanting spot to have oysters du jour, a celebratory drink, or for people watching over tea.

N A V Y  | an American seafood restaurant offering local catches in the form of seafood crudo, beautiful roasted fishes , + crisp market frisée.

J A C K ' S  W I F E   F R E D A  | a quirky eatery designed in the taste of a Wes Anderson set, Jack's Wife Freda stole my stomach with its peri peri chicken and breakfast plates, not to mention its vibrant atmosphere that host to some of the most stylish of the city.

D I M E S  | a Californian-style minimalist spot of the friendliest vibes and fanciest of health-conscious concoctions such as lamb meatballs in turmeric broth, winter salad brightened up with orange blossom vinaigrette, pickled salmon, + lavendar açai bowl!

B R O D O  | a takeout window to pop on by for a sip of a variety of grass-fed + pasture-raised bone broths that can be upgraded with additions such as immune-boosting fresh-pressed ginger juice, shiitake mushroom tea, organic coconut milk infused with lemongrass + lime, or local squash with warm spices for those still-blustery days. 

M A T C H A B A R  | a shop located in Williamsburg within a dangerously not-too-far distance from local favourite jewellery shop catbird that is all things matcha, with options from iced matcha tea to a hemp milk matcha latté.

C H A L A I T  | a refreshing + airy spot that Becky of Be Clean Shop and I stumbled upon on a day of adventures during the Axis show that serves teas, eats, matcha cortados, lattés, and a mean matcha americano.