Thursday, April 21, 2016


P I N K  M O O N  |  F U L L  M O O N   I N   S C O R P I O

At the trudging heels of Mars in Retrograde that has shifted our energy into exhaustion, this full moon urges us to shed ourselves into slow living. It turns us away from pushing ahead with hands squeezed over our eyes and instead loosen into. This is a time of tuning the sound of afterthoughts into wavelengths lengths of intuition for a quiet future. A time to pluck at our own petals, inspect our own thorns that slice into all that slices us.

On this Pink Moon, may we unclench those hands over our eyes for the pouring of light; may we lighten the shadow over the issues below the surface which we blanket with denial. In doing so, may we light our way to the path over the edges in which we find the safety grounds upon which we tread our paths. May we raise the dust on roads of new dimensions and directions . . .