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a guide to honour mamas + all women who show us strength in standing on our own ground but also kneeling down for help, in pushing beyond our assumed capabilities but doing so with a soft heart, and in rising out of the boundaries set for women across societies by elevating one another . . .

                                                 photo courtesy of Be Clean Shop + Taffy Floral, with photos below courtesy of Simone Le Blanc

T H E   G U I D E   |   M O T H E R ' S   D A Y 

b r e a k f a s t   i n   b e d  |  one of the most meaningful + memorable gifts you can give to your mother, mother figure, or any other "mama" in your life is of the immaterial—spoken words, soft touches, and the gift from the labour of your hands. Rise her with a sweet preparation of breakfast—here are some of my favourites . . .

s i m o n e   l e   b l a n c  |  these gift boxes of carefully curated provisions by simone le blanc are elegant, thoughtful, and packed with abundant gifts like a hunk o' crystal that will forever keep on giving. As a child, most of my gifts to family members used to involve a thoughtful—and sometimes eclectic—mish-mash of handmade gifts. These boxes are what my childhood DIY gift dreams are made of—a neat, primp and polished version. I especially love the abundance geode gift box, which Simone describes as a box that "[promises] to give a sense of expansive possibility to whomever you're gifting."

j e n n i   k a y n e   |  another elegant gift box option that is earth-inspired + minimalist yet feminine that will put Spring in her step with favourites like a ZenBunni chocolate pack + Benshen hydrosol . . . 

m a m a   +   m e   w o r k s h o p s  |  two of my favourite local D.C. studios are hosting workshops that you can attend with your mama or another other special woman in your life. Be Clean Shop, selected D.C.'s best for its offering for clean cosmetics, has partnered up with the beautiful Taffy Floral to offer a floral arrangement class on Sunday from 11 to 12.30 p.m. Artist Marta Staudinger of Latela art gallery is also hosting a Soap Making Extravaganza event right afterwards from 2 to 4 p.m. in her Brookland studio.

r e a d s |  mothers, especially those with children of young age, rarely make the time to truly unwind (without electronics). Gift her one of your own favourite reads, a special edition of a book that is close to her heart, or a book of poems for an easy read. I am waiting for the arrival of this art history nerd book and adore this collection of poetry by the New Yorker.

j e w e l s |  empower women-owned business by bejewelling your mama with selections from Brooklyn-based catbird, which has a few special selections for the day here, or erica weiner—where my fiancé and I got our sustainably-sourced + recycled wedding bands from—with a quirky necklace or a dainty ring. These rose quartz studs created by BLTN in collaboration with the Spartan Shop are also a handsome option to imbue the loving vibes of this crystal + symbolise the tender, unconditional love you have for her.

 s p a  |  treat her to a spa day at home with a bath full of water-tolerant crystals, roses + other flora, and magnesium flakes. Treat her to a gift of a pre-shower Shiva Rose scrub and a bath with Pursoma's bath salts to 'resurect' her tired body, Dr. Singha's mustard bath to awaken her senses, and a post-shower double-coating of Jiva Apoha—the best body oil—mixed with a warmed dollop of Sun Potion's shea butter. I also have a chakra-cleansing bath crystals recipe here. Alternatively, indulge her further and hop on over to some holistic favourites such as massage boutique The Now in L.A. that offers a power cleansing, CAP Beauty in New York with a Japanese root treatment, or the completely inelegant Meridian Health in D.C., out of which I slowly walk with what feels like new strings of muscles and feeling the blood flowing out of my capillaries . . .

 c h o c o l a t e |  I unashamedly include chocolate in every single guide I compile and, for the sake of my own mother, I will include it in here as well. I am completely smitten with Addictive Wellness's new line of chocolates—She and Love—which together are so appropriate for Mother's Day. This line of chocolate is spiked with adaptogenic herbs that will splurge her body with the support + energy to renew itself and fight against daily tension. Some other favourites include Pure7Sweetness of BeingEating EvolvedJulian'sLiving Libations, and for the bitter-tongued like myself, Guittard 100% unsweetened bar [or you could make your own raw raspberry rose cream truffles!]

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