Monday, August 1, 2016


M A K E R S  +  M O V E R S  :  P A T A G O N I A  P R O V I S I O N S

Most of us set our tables without thinking of the intricate line of production and impact of the food we are serving. Broken and often even non-existent food systems have led to the production of foods that reduce biodiversity, decimate soil, and further contribute to climate change. We're smoking our fish then smoking up our planet. 

I am proud to present the launch of the film Unbroken Ground by Patagonia today that exposes these critical food issues that in return unearth solutions to the environmental crises that our planet is experiencing. This is a short, 25-minute film that recounts the story of how groups are leading the way with regenerative agriculture, restorative grasing, new crop development, and selective-harvest fishing. Also, do come and take a seat and raise your glass to sustainably-sourced foods from Patagonia Provisions. Create a conversation on food and eat it up here . . . 

photo courtesy of Patagonia Provisions