Sunday, October 2, 2016


T  H  E   G U I D E   |   A U S T I N   E A T S 

A round-up of some favourite places to savour safely in Austin, TX—accommodating anything + anyone from allergies to vegan enthusiasts to paleo noshers . . .

L A U N D E R E T T E  was where we had my celebratory birthday dinner and it was quite possibly the best little fête I could have dreamt of GRILLED BROCCOLINI romesco, fresno, almonds; ZUCCHINI pine nuts, cilantro, mint, carrot dressing; BRICK CHICKEN lemony braised greens; BEEF TARTARE creamy-dreamy orange yolk, taro root 
I could have clapped, cheered, and licked the plate dry twice with this meal, but I thought I'd cherish the newfound dignity and grace of being a year older. Next time . . .
picnik austinP I C N I K  was the spot we frequented the most, with its completely paleo—save the dairy + a few pseudo-grains—and sustainably-sourced menu. Their eggs are local and as orange as its polar opposite Kraft American cheese; their meats grass-fed + pasture-raised; and they make some mean tonics like golden milk matcha (turmeric-infused green tea matcha latté) and chaga hot chocolate (medicinal mushroom-infused creamy cacao) that can be altered to be completely dairy-free! They have two locations—a smaller, to-go one in South Lamar and another new, larger one on Burnet Road—so pick accordingly!

launderetteQ U A L I T Y   S E A F O O D  M A R K E T  was the number one place I was looking forward to visiting post-canoeing under the humid hot heat of the Austin sun, but they were unfortunately closed. My Austin-native husband swears by this spot, with its fresh seafood and raw oyster bar. Visit for a casual dine-in experience with the highest grade of fresh fish + eat enough to sink a boat!
A little vignette of our steak tartare at Launderette

The location at 550 BOWIE  is the holy grail in its birthpalace and, living in the high Western TX desert without a WFM, I heard the angels whisper spend your whole paycheck as I entered. The entire rows of local kombuchas with rose to cola flavours is dizzying, but I somehow kept my wallet slightly intact . . . 

H I L L S I D E   F A R M A C Y another quaint café for a sweet Sunday brunch of locally and pasture-raised eggs, daily raw shucked and lemon-juiced oysters, and bruléed Texas grapefruit (skip the sugar!). Offers for later in the day include sustainably-raised entrée pickings, a charcuterie board, and bubblies.

juliet austinJ U L I E T is a sweet little Italian spot to feed your aesthetic eye and happy-hour mind. The bar menu includes olive oil tasting, happy-hour noshes, and over 100 carefully-curated selection of wines. Their menu is marked as already-prepared gluten-free and gluten-free upon request dishes for Celiacs like me who have to be careful about cross-contamination.   

J U I C E   S H O P S are seemingly popping up everywhere in brick-and-mortar and food truck form. Some of the noteworthy ones, in addition to the offerings at Picnik, are Juice Austin, Daily Juice, JuiceLand, and Juice Society.