Wednesday, October 26, 2016



1 | Opt for this 100% silk eye mask to decrease creases, crow's feet, and dryness around your eyes at night. The lumens in cotton aid in its great moisture-wicking powers, allowing it to absorb up to 20% of moisture from your skin. Dry skin is one of the biggest causes of ageing and acne-prone skin. Do your skin a favour and get a real beauty sleep with a silk eye mask.
2 | I have a chic pyjama collection problem and Sleepy Jones is feeding it with its new collection. I see no problem in lounging in pyjamas all day long; after all, didn't Picasso churn out most of his masterpieces in little more than shorts and a robe?
3 | Here is a list of my favourite scents to burn
4 | I can't have nightshades, so ketchup is out of the question. This nomato sauce by Martine of Eat, Heal, Thrive is an incredible replacement. We have also been cooking spatchcock chicken from Autoimmune Paleo, these morning glory muffins via Amanda of Heartbeet Kitchen, and I have been blending this archived rose latté
5 | Here is more on why you should include medicinal mushrooms into your diet and put that Four Sigmatic Reishi + Sun Potion Cordyceps into your shopping bag.
6 | Otherwise, we are listening to NPR all day—it's the soundtrack of our life together. Cameron recently became a member of our local Marfa Pubic Radio. In this day and age eclipsed by circulation of incorrect news and a presidential race with an oompa loompa, I suggest you do the same and go support your local NPR station . . .
7 | Click here to shop One Kings Lane for the ikat pillow and other chic home staples
8 | I'm currently crushing on the silhouette of this drop-waist dress, the elegant hug of these sailor pants, and this crossbody bag to swing over them . . .

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