Friday, October 21, 2016


a conversation with Angela Shore on energy work, her Holy Grass hemp seed oil blend, + serving others . . . 

his line has changed my life. Out of all the products that I have featured on Thirlby, Jiva Apoha truly takes the cake. That is not to say that it is a magical, etheric potion touched by a cosmic beacon of light—it is not. What it is, though, is an experience. As a seasoned holistic beauty consumer and creator, I have dipped my fingers in many oils. Jiva Apoha's transcend that hemisphere. 

Her recently-débuted Holy Grass Body oil is no exception, deriving a holy shit out of my mouth (or the bowels of my awakening soul) upon smelling or rather inhaling it—one sniff ain't enough. The rich, earthy aromas of the oil crown my skin. Mirroring its effects, my touch softens. The essential oil-derived fragrances are like a chameleon—seemingly shifting their properties to adhere to the command of your own bodily needs. When I am frazzled, I sense the warmth of grounding in its scent. Yet when I am depleted, I feel a newfound energy rising on up. From serving ourselves to attain a higher self to serving others as a charity blend, Holy Grass Body is the new cobalt-bottled jewel of your medicine cabinet . . .

 M A K E R S  +  M O V E R S  :  J I V A   A P O H A

About fifteen years ago I went through my own personal healing, which then guided me into working with amazing medicine women. One in particular, who took me under her wing, to show me first hand that the power within is real. It was during this time that I began to weed out what was not working in my life in order to devote my time to workshops, studies, school, and practice. My interest and passions has always been there but the action in learning more about our indigenous philosophies and ancient healings became a priority in my life.

In my session work, the oils were an inventory that I started collecting, and creating vendor relationships early on. My studies were becoming my own fusion of combining the two worlds of East & West, and the oils were an addition to my tools by aromatherapy and hands-on. The energy and bodywork with EOs opened another door where the brand was created. The concept of handcrafted-blended oils became my moisturizer and what I combined for myself as I went through my bathroom and threw all personal care products out that weren’t all-natural and organic in order to test and to feel the difference on a daily level. It was a life changer.

I’ve been attracted to Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed Oil) for many years, and it just felt natural, and the right thing to do by incorporating into a new Jiva body blend.  The breakdown, and knowledge of Cannabis is widely used in our alternative healing today, and I am a big advocate for this to help many who live with dis-ease. The history of Hemp Seed dates back to thousands of years. The leaves, seeds, and stems are mentioned in the Hindu scared text Atharvaveda aka Sacred Grass; calling it to be one of the five sacred plants in India. The grassy green color in Hemp Seed Oil is a result of the chlorophyll that naturally presents in the seeds. It’s one of the most nutritional oils available making it a powerful antioxidant, skin protectant, and moisturizer. It’s only available in our Holy Grass Body and I offer it in Personalized Body by request.

Jiva is a big contender for giving back to charitable causes and organizations. I wanted to make one blend that that would constantly give back. Each month is different; this is a new blend so Jiva has supported Defenders Wildlife, and now the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe that we continue to do so far. Our direction is to be a helping hand to mother earth, women, children, and our animals. We have a small list of organizations that we keep close, and believe in the work they share. Philanthropy speaks to my heart, and hoping to do much more as we grow.

I chose to give back to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation as we did last year. I research each organization to see how the funds are being used. I’ve had so many friends, and love ones who have fallen ill and passed away from breast cancer. We need more community to be involved not just from women but from men as well. This awful disease everyday affects so many lives. Jiva-Apoha is (Soul-Healing), so the name plays a role in hoping that others will part-take and think about what Well-Being really means. It gives us a chance as community to be mindful together.

Be sensible, and appreciable. Be kind and gentle to others.