Friday, November 4, 2016


S P I R I T U A L   S M A C K  |  W E L L  -  H E E L E D

À propos and inspired by the Madewell #wellheeled hashtag and sweepstakes, I have been ruminating on what it truly means to be well-heeled. Initially, images sprawled across my mind of 1800s bougie women whispering about well-heeled English towns or a poor wayward soul's softly muttered words  "I ain't so well-heeled right now." The phrase is now uncommon and, perhaps, a smidgen outdated—shoes are more well made now.

The point is that the origins of well-heeled have negative connotations. To not be well-heeled is to be lacking in money or its relations. It's, in essence, to be down at the heel, worn and torn down the road. Yet that is exactly why my most coveted pairs of shoes are the crowning glory of my closet. To me, well-heeled means well-worn heels. 

Heels that have click-clacked en route to a job interview, giving me assurance in their louder-than-my-confidence rhythm. Heels that have been propped up after kickin' the dust and stones of a long week, carrying the arms too tired to wipe off the dirt. Heels that have gone on adventures a hop, skip, and a jump away, marking memories with that scuff here and there. Heels that stand upon the ground it has tilled and steady enough on their own to know when the kneel down to kiss the earth. 

This week, may we carry on well-heeled: wearing our heels down through our days, carrying ourselves down whatever path we desire, where we know when to stand on our ground but also when to kick off our boots and call it a day well-made . . .