Monday, January 30, 2017


S P I R I T U A L   S M A C K  |  B U R N I N G   P A I N

À propos of the last post of uncontained emotions, this is a guide to release the painful past or unsaid words that are internally tearing us apart. It's a ritual to burn the path for a clearer future.  

Sometimes trauma has just struck too fresh or runs deep still to identify its resulting emotions and share it with another. Yet, we often feel the urge and muster the courage to release these blocks that hinder us from healing. This ritual of burning is a safe way to acknowledge the accompaniments of trauma, illness, or any emotional blockage; surrender to them; and release them out of the body in a safe and discreet manner.

Burning is a traditional ritual that creates a pause within the rush towards healing. It allows us to face avoided or uncontained emotions, bear the weight of what has never been or is no longer necessary, so we can carry what serves us. It provides us with a spiritual and emotional compass.


This ritual is a way to release any one, thing, or situation that has caused you pain. It can be done alone or with a loved one's support. 

To begin, obtain a flame-proof bucket or use a safe outdoor space. Gather dried twigs, your matchsticks, and the materials like photographs, letter, or documents you'd like to burn. As a precaution, pick these items cautiously and with a clear mind—not in the heat of the moment or in spite. Do not, obviously, burn any legal matter. Choose items that represent or is an item that you'd like to release that has an emotional hold on you that you can hold up to the flame. Alternatively, you could write down the emotions, person or people, or experiences you'd like to release by writing them on a sheet of paper. This is also an appropriate practise to clean your slate on a New Moon. 

Once you have gathered these items or your list, create your fire and sit in front of it. Either speak out loud if your emotions allow or to yourself of what the items or list and their release represent to you. Think about and feel why you need to let go of them. As you set the items or list on fire, say a gentle prayer of "I release you, we are free." So often we think of merely ourselves within the storyline of attachment or emotional blockage when in reality there's always another in suffering or draining our energy. 

When we recognise this bound energy—whether intentionally or unintentionally established—we allow ourselves and all that is outside of our control to release the grip. We recognise as the energy renders itself to nothingness that despite its negativity, the situation or person has served a purpose in pushing us to claim a clearer path free of what we now know of things that do not serve us.