Friday, May 12, 2017


T H E   G U I D E |  O N  H E A L T H   C A R E
A guide on how to release the blues & retain our sanity through self care in a period of uncertain health care rights . . .

Many of us, especially womyn, have been sensing the attack on health care access. Erectile dysfunction isn't on the list of pre-existing conditions lost under AHCA—phew!—but pregnancy is along with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and eating disorders to name just a few. I refrain from bringing politics into The Thirlby, but as someone who has survived anorexia twice and suffers from Autoimmune Disorder, I feel its direct impact. The former is the most deadly mental illness; I could and would have died without the care I received.  While 75% of the diagnoses for the latter is for women. We are historically living in an era of not only sheer uncertainty but fear of what's to come next. We contain and carry that fear historically, as the increasing prevalence of such illnesses painfully illustrate. 

The recent health care changes have added an excess weight of anger and negativity to carry—both of our own as well as those of others—like a womb. Those who place themselves in the position of a caretaker, again often womyn, feel the drainage even more. So, I have invited the incredibly insightful Adrienne Fisher of Meraki Nomad to provide us with tools on how to clear up emotional space within ourselves to move forward gracefully. It's a reminder that the world does not come at us but from us—the medicine of internal clearance. They say stress is the root cause of illness after all . . .

The start of 2017 was a dark and hard time for me, as I'm sure it was for most people. We had lost hope in humanity and everything was crumbling, dying, before our very eyes. Then a huge surge of empowerment awakened from our bones! It was time to stand up and fight the good fight for our rights and for our brothers and sisters everywhere. Show up, stand up, give love, lots of love, as much as you can, give, give, give. This quickly wore me down to an emotional wreck of sorts. I had to take a step back as my inner self was screaming "Hey! Remember me? Take care of me". Every day has been something new, something else to get angry about, to get sad about, to scream about. If you're sensitive to the world around you, you can also pick up these angers and emotions from others too, even if you have been trying to distance from the chaos. The most important thing I have learned through this is to practice self care daily, release those negative energies, clear up emotional space, allow yourself to grow stronger so that you can hold space for yourself and others in a loving and powerful way. We need each other in these times, now more than ever! Here are some ways in how I release negative energies to stay grounded, calm, and full of love…

S M U D G E   C L E A N S E | But really, this practice is so dear to me and it is so powerful!! I smudge myself daily - once in the morning, once at night, and sometimes throughout the day if it's been a rough one. Taking just 2 minutes to re-center yourself, cleanse your aura, and release those negativities make a world of a difference in your day. I smudge my entire house about once a week - usually on Sundays. It is an extra cleansing boost so that your sacred space feels comforting and positive.

t o o l s   I   u s e   t h e   m o s t  |  Sacred Smudge Bundle, Turkey Feather, Palo Santo, Selenite Wand
Learn more about how I perform my smudge ritual here.

M E D I T A T I O N | To clear the noise brewing in my mind constantly. We are fed so much information each day, I feel it is so important to allow your mind to silence.

t o o l s   I   u s e   t h e   m o s t  | If you have trouble totally zoning out during meditation, there is an app called Insight Timer - it has hundreds of guided meditations, nature sounds, and singing bowl music that will be sure to help you silence your mind for a couple of minutes a day.

H E R B A L   B O D Y   O I L I N G | An ancient practice to drop your nervous system to a state of relaxation and calm. Give yourself love, allow yourself to drop into a deep calming state and get in touch with your body. Allow the medicine of the herbs to soak into your being and let them heal you. I learned deeper about this practice from Aquarian Dawn's Herbal Body Oiling e-book. She says, "By making Herbal Body Oiling a regular practice, you create a layer of nourishing protection around your body. This ambient aura is both subtly etheric and physically powerful." How beautiful is that?

t o o l s   I   u s e   t h e   m o s t  | Any organic oil that I have in the house. Right now I have been using a soothing Sandalwood Oil from Whole Foods. 

J O U R N A L I N G | Especially during confusing times, it is SO helpful for me to release all of my thoughts and emotions out onto paper to make space for the good. Afterwards I always feel clearer and calm. I even started a little journal I call "No Bad Days". I keep it by my bedside and at the end of everyday I write one or more good things that happened that day, even if they are as small as "A really nice man gave me his seat on the subway." It helps you to remember that even throughout all of the bad noise there is still good in your life. 

R E I K I | A beautiful and loving form of energy cleansing to restore your physical and emotional well-being. Truly so powerful. I like to go to Community Reiki at my local healing center in Brooklyn, NY called Maha Rose. Another powerful way to utilize Reiki is to learn Reiki 1 + 2 and be able to give to yourself and others whenever you feel it is needed. I am about to start my training with Peyton Sandler of Maha Rose so that I can better be of service to my community. I feel the world can use more Reiki love right now! 

M O T H E R   N A T U R E |  She loves to eat our problems! Give them to her! Sit in nature and let your thoughts and worries flow into the trees. Lying in the grass watching cloud go by, birds fly high, leaves sway in the wind - it is the ultimate form of mediation and love. Be with her, she will cleanse and heal you, I promise.

Stay strong. I love you!