Monday, June 26, 2017


B E A U T Y   B I T E S  |  P I C N I C   S T A P L E S  &   A D A P T O G E N I C   M O R S E L S
A guide to packing a petit déjeuner picnic for one & a recipe for adaptogenic bliss balls . . . 

 little guide to dating yourself. I've always been one to advocate for pockets of solitude, periods in which we sit with and within ourselves. One of the strongest relationships we can cultivate is with ourselves. So, coupled or not, I always took myself out on dates. An entire day spent loitering around downtown; a sunrise hike; or a breakfast at the park. A picnic for one to rise into the morning and yourself. 

Many of us welcome the day with a less-than-mindful breakfast spent scrolling through our phones. Try swapping one morning to spend having a picnic breakfast by yourself in nature. Locally in the D.C./MD/VA area, I love Carroll Creek Park with its water lilies and historic landscape. Here is a little basketful of what to pack & a recipe for of adaptogenic bliss balls for a little morning dessert . . .

P O P  &  B O T T L E   A L M O N D   M Y L K |  I love packing a quick coffee replacement of brewed cacao beans by Crio Bru in a stainless steel Klean Kanteen. I add some of my favourite almond mylk (no carrageenan or gums!)& a dash of Omica stevia into it upon arrival to sip through my breakfast. 

P U N K   R A W K   L A B S   C H E E S E |  These are the absolute best plant-based cheese, so much so that my cheese snob mother could not believe that it's cashew- and not dairy-based. Here's a summer's day recipe to try out on the grill from the archives. For your picnic, simply pair it with jammy 6-minute eggs, slices of farm fresh stone fruit, or the crackers below.

Y U C A N   C R U N C H |  Research shows that we derive more pleasure from heightened levels of texture in our food. Crunchy foods are especially the case since they also appeal to our auditory senses, elevating the simple act of dining on crackers. These ones by Mission Heirloom are made of only one ingredient of yucca and are extra satisfying slightly toasted on a cast iron grill until golden brown. Let them be vehicles for anything from nut cheese & raw honey to sliced avocado & smoked salmon.

                                                      A D A P T O G E N I C   B L I S S   B A L L S

These are a balanced take on the usual date-heavy & high-glycemic energy balls. It replaces dates with energy-sustaining nuts, seeds, and coconut, which carry the effects of the added adaptogens. These are plant matter that allow our bodies to adapt to the daily stresses and strengthen our defense mechanisms to tension over time. 

3.5 ounces of nuts of your choice, preferably soaked or sprouted | I recommend walnuts
1/2 tablespoon coconut butter or royal jelly | blood sugar, hormone-, and skin-balancing
1/2 tablespoon coconut oil or ghee
1 tablespoon cacao powder | energy- and mood-balancing
1/2 teaspoon rhodiola | anxiety taming
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon | blood sugar balancing
1/2 teaspoon maca powder* | hormone-balancing & energising
Stevia to taste, optional
A dash of Pink Salt** or Real Salt

If your nuts are not sprouted, soak them according to this chart, rinse them well, and then dehydrate them at 114 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 to 24 hours, flipping occasionally until crisp. This process removes the anti-nutrients such as phytic acid to make the nutrients more bioavailable for absorption. 

Once the nuts are ready, place them along with the rest of the ingredients in a high-speed blender. The texture should be sticky. 

Roll the mixture into one-inch balls and refrigerate for at least an hour.