Friday, June 9, 2017


T H E   G U I D E |   M I N D F U L    T R A V E L S 
a guide to maximising your vacation from maintaining regularity to catching zzz's and even overpacking . . . 
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p o t t y   t a l k |  Surely adequate or even extra sleep is a priority when it comes to balanced travels, but we all know what everyone is really thinking about . . . Travelling of any length that is out of our regular schedules also affect the schedule of our regularity. It can cause either extremes from the loose bowels caused by food poisoning to constipation à la dehydration. 

To combat the former, take coconut ash-based charcoal pills according to the bottle's instructions, a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar diluted in 16 oz. of water three-times-a-day, and increase your probiotic supplementation to one in the morning and one at night. This is the probiotic I swear by as it's soil-based and inoculates your gut rather than simply passing through it unlike other conventional or even high-end probiotics. A teaspoon in between meals twice a day of this supplement can also aid in absorbing any stomach bugs, parasites, or contaminants that you might pick up during your travels. It also provides silica, which provides trace minerals for tendon, muscle, and tissue health (i.e., it's an incredible skin health supplement).

Similarly increase your probiotic the latter end of the spectrum as well in addition to your water intake. Add in trace minerals such as this bottle of fulvic minerals to regain homeostatic balance of your water to electrolytes level. If you are more than uncomfortable, I recommend one or two of these pills to cleanse and nudge the digestive system. It contains Triphala, which is a blend touted by Ayurvedic Medicine to gently detoxify the system. Be certain to further increase your water intake if you take this supplement as it can be dehydrating. 

s l e e p | If you're travelling across the seas or time zones, adjust your sleep schedule prior to your trip according to the times of your destination. So, go to sleep closer to the time you would if you were there already. This eases jet lag. The only time I recommend melatonin supplementation is also for time zone adjustment. Take one before bed at your destination. I recommend this one. Many people also swear by this magnesium supplement to calm their nerves and relax their muscles into sleep although I tend to always experience odd dreams and upset stomach as a result of it. Try the minimum dosage and see how your body reacts.

m e a l   p l a n n i n g | One reason why vacations can go sour is either people get hangry amidst sightseeing and lounging by the beach or they did not financially account for eating out so often as they have. Pack snacks to avoid mid- or lack thereof-meal hunger. my favourites are this travel pack, these nuts, and a simple avocado topped with smoked Maldon & seaweed gomasio. I also love raw chocolates and you can find my favourites at the end of this post here. Use your time wisely during your flight or as you wait to board by searching local restaurants at which to enjoy a few meals. Make the remaining majority of your meals with ingredient purchased at the local market: think fresh salads such as mint, strawberry, avocado, and nuts or a more intricate cooked one if you have access to a kitchen. Pack a meal for your airplane ride as well if you have a longer ride to avoid scrambling around the airport for healthy options. Reuse your container during your vacation to pack your meals to-go.

t h e   c l o s e t | A compulsive over-packer, I have finally learned to plan my outfits before packing for a trip. This minimises not only the luggage load but also removes time wasted getting ready during your vacation. The only thing I pack extra of now is a layer or two. I pack a cashmere or merino wool pullover for a thin layer of warmth as well as socks for the security check and cold airplane rides. 

t h e   s c h e d u l e | Prepare yourself for a Plan B. Case in point: it stormed every day but one of the six days of my recent vacation in Florida. We didn't see a ray of sun and swam in the ocean under the rain. As charming as the latter is, it wasn't what we had planned for. We had to come up with a host of other entertainment to make the best out of the situation. Look up local attractions that would accommodate rain days for your trip, especially if it's a beach one. Even a simple night-in at the hotel with a meal delivery, movie, and mani-pedi is a treat. After all, it's with whom you're spending your vacation not where that's the most important.