Tuesday, September 19, 2017


F A R M A C Y   |   C L E A N   B E A U T Y   S T A P L E S   U N D E R   $ 5 0 
A compilation of my favourite clean beauty staples under $50 & the one thing I splurge on . . .

The Staples
Below are my long-time favourites in clean beauty, which with the exception of only a few, are all $50 or below. All the links are clickable, so shop on!

The Splurge
lthough my affordable foundational basics have their every day time & place, there is one thing that I do recommend splurging on. Every few months or so, especially during times of high sun exposure, I recommend getting a facial. Our skin deposits sebum or oil as we repeatedly sweat, stress, and expose it to the sun. The rays of sun pigment the oil, causing little black dots that you most likely have found around your T zone called sebaceous filaments (not blackheads, contrary to popular belief). Regular facials allow for the removal of these & consequently for your skin to properly breathe. 

Sara Damelio, founder of Skincando, giving an eco-facial at the D.C. area-based green beauty spa The Emerald Door Salon
A facial, like your skincare regimen, should also utilise clean ingredients. In the Washington, D.C. area, the Emerald Door Salon is my go-to & the premier green beauty spa. They stock their shelves with brands like locally- and woman-owned SkincandoSoul Sunday. For local readers, e-mail me for a special discount for an eco-facial or a Manicure/Pedicure. For green beauty products in general, I am head over heels over the Take Care shop in Georgetown, D.C., a serene haven with equally welcoming staff. For New Yorkers, my favourites are CAP BeautyHeyday.