Monday, February 19, 2018


C U R R E N T L Y   C R E A S I N G
A collection of weekly reads to guide you through your days . . .

2 | A grandmother's advice on love

5 | I'm now reading this before bed & this when I'm commuting on the metro. When I'm in the kitchen or walking, I listen to this audiobook.

7 | My acupuncturist introduced me to this Feldenkrais practitioner's incredible albeit often hilarious videos. Feldenkrais is about building muscular and mental awareness through movement. It's beneficial for everyone from those who want to correct and strengthen their posture to more acute conditions such as spinal compression, which I'm currently correcting with this.

8 | Using art to tackle diabetes in youth 

9 | What talking on the phone can teach us about intimacy

10 |  A black Muslim woman speaks on racism

11 | On sexual tension in women's friendships

12 | Make it a weeknight date night with these with yourself, partner, friend, or family

13 | My new favourite way to cook à la  The Paris Review

14 | A free guide to loving yourself and others, to continue beyond Valentine's Day

the T H O U G H T  O F  T H E  W E E K
"You think your pain & your heartbreak
are unprecedented in the history of the world,
but then you read"

—james baldwin