Thursday, March 8, 2018


C U R R E N T L Y   C R E A S I N G
A collection of weekly reads to guide you through your days . . .

1 | My current favourite podcast, the most recent of which features Jamaica Kincaid. A little known fact is that my husband and I had picnic lunch with her in Marfa the day after our engagement and she "blessed" our marriage! 

3 | A powerful ad on how there is no wrong way to be a woman

4 | The problem with Weight Watchers targeting teenagers

5 | A moving personal essay by a mother telling her daughter about her first husband and his death

6 | The seductive confinement of a weighted blanket in anxious times

7 | A testament to how it's a stable set point weight through regular exercise—not the pre-determined, flawed system of BMI—that shapes the health of our heart

8 | Using art to tackle diabetes in youth 

9 | Is this really the future of consent in the dating world?

10 | A listen on envy by one of my favourites & how it's counting other people's blessings rather than our own

the T H O U G H T  O F  T H E  W E E K
"Sometimes the smallest things
take the most room in your heart"