from cold-pressed juices to catbird jewels, from kundalini yoga to kandinsky, from medicinal herbs to matisse, from paris to portland . . . Here is a place where you will find a post on energy-clearing burning sage followed by tantalising Diptyque candles, one on Himalayan pink salt lamps but also another on Scalamandre wallpaper, on the serenity of camping on a brisk Autumn night alongside dreamy interiors of the Marlton Hotel. Natural + spiritual, refined. This is an exploration. This is a guidebook for holistic living, shaken & stirred . . . 

THIRLBY | People often ask me the meaning of Thirlby. There is no definition, it’s simply a name. I chose it in my initial venture into blogging through my tumblr at the wee age of fourteen. It was and still is a curation of all that I find aesthetically pleasing. I love Thirlby precisely because it is definition-less — a name that exists simply in its letters. It’s whimsical, beautiful, tuneful. It sounds like twirling — who doesn’t love the pure joy of that? So, Thirlby has become all that is beautiful in its simple and inexplicable state. That is what I try to cultivate within my life — to find beauty and live within it without having to define or explain it in any way: simply absorbing, being, and appreciating the moment.

S A Y  H E L L O !
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A L M I L A   K A K I N C - D O D D | I recently graduated from Mount Holyoke College, where I buried my nose in stacks of Medical Anthropology, English Literature, + Art history books in ivory towers. My mind lies in providing justice for reproductive rights + healthcare accessibility, my eyes brighten over the [0,10] exhibition, + my lips sing lines of Prufrock. I now do kundalini kriyas by morning, conduct research + write for a public health non-profit by day, + blog by night . . .

I have never been one to measure out life in coffee spoons or sip on short snippets of people's lives  . . . here is the whole cup of my story to drink in—chin chin!

W E L C O M E   H O M E / amidst the tides of our days, may this space pouring out of my heart expand yours—that is my mission

Transplanted from the straits of Bosphorus to the brick + mortars of Georgetown, D.C. on a night's notice at the age of ten, my life quickly resembled Istanbul's Eurasian divide. Afloat at the crossroad of cultures, I cultivated a home in my heart & vision instead. 

A R T   O F   A E S T H E T I C S
Missing the Matisse prints of our home in Istanbul, I took on painting + art classes. Curving away my brush + sculpting bodies, I escaped the tenderness of mine. My body was afflicted with not only the trauma of puberty—yes—but illness that dislocated my presence further away from the liminal, stateless space it occupied. My vision softened and my heart found solace in aesthetics + art. Hailed from a family of writers + artists, I began composing + publishing a little compilation of poems. I also became immersed in design, which was the basis of my first entry into the world of blogging via my tumblr. Now, I infuse that background with the digital palette of T H I R L B Y, where I visually curate life's pleasures + spiritually smack with words  . . .

H O L I S T I C   H E A L T H | I began my journey into yoga + holistic health at the age of fourteen, which  further liberated me from the tentacles of disease. I devoured vinyasa & Anusara yoga classes daily while creasing up pages on Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. My philosophy on nutrition is an emphasis on healing traditional foods that are accommodating of allergens + autoimmune conditions that I myself have to navigate through. I offer warm, frothy lattés, herbal tonics with crushed strawberries, + matcha tarts to nosh on. The Farmacy posts deepen vibrancy within each cell by offering tips from energy medicine to affordable holistic beauty buys . . .

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