Integrative &  Narrative Health

A revolutionary process of Inner Fieldwork

__________________________ WHAT IS INTEGRATIVE HEALTH? _____________________

I teach & practise Integrative medicine, which is a holistic & evidence-based medicine that takes the whole person into account. It is not attached to a dogma of Western or alternative Medicine but combines the best of both to provide scientifically-validated approaches. It is a partnership to facilitate your body’s innate healing response.

It is a personalised approach to health care which seeks to restore and maintain health and wellness across a person’s lifespan. I care for my clients by understanding not only their unique biological set of circumstances but the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect their health.

_______________________________ WHO DO I WORK WITH? _________________________

I offer advisory & support services that welcome all ages and is non-binary in its understanding of gender. I also offer guidance for professionals at corporate environments. Each client receives individualised care catering to their physical & psychological narrative, taking their whole body and history into consideration.

My background & experience focuses further on women's health, including but not limited to hormonal balance, autoimmune illness, eating disorders, and trauma; digestion; anxiety and related disorders; and sports medicine.

I also work on a shorter term basis to guide clients in stocking a holistic pantry, grocery shopping, & individualised menu planning.

___________________________ WHAT IS INNER FIELDWORK? _______________________

The psychosomatic practice of Inner Fieldwork™ that I’ve pioneered is a transformative process that targets the unique aspect of your life in which you want release, whether it’s directly your physical body or emotional health. We will partner up as anthropologists doing field work of your inner world, observing your psychological as well as medical history. This will develop a holistic relationship with your past beliefs & experiences, your current present reality, and transform your understanding of your future capabilities & health.

According to your specific needs, we will work with your primary healthcare practitioner & integrate it with psychology, eastern healing modalities such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), physiology, yoga, and meditation to name a few.

_______________________ HOW ARE THE SESSIONS STRUCTURED? _________________

During our sessions together, we will holistically navigate through your health history, considering both the physical and psychological bodies. We will unearth both physical and energetic blocks that can manifest themselves into a limited version of your life. Through considerate care unparalleled by conventional biomedical office visits, we will customise your health plan to consider a psychosomatic understanding of attaining the whole, vibrant health specific to you.

Each session following the initial consultation is offered on an hourly basis with personalised packages available. Each client is eligible to cancel an appointment once it's booked given a 24-hour notice and may reschedule at another convenient time.

If you're ready to shift your health & life, contact me at

_________________________ WORKSHOPS, CLASSES, & EVENTS ____________________

I host a variety of educational & therapeutic workshops on nutrition, wellness, & mindfulness. Past collaborators include Take Care Shop, Lululemon, Pineapple Collaborative, The New York Times and Zola just to name a few. Topics can include raw & vegan cookies, adaptogenic plants, superfoods & how to use them, grain-free baking, plant-centric cooking, & wellness in the face of autoimmune illness.