Why are We Obsessed with Stickers?

Stickers are, as simple as they may be, strangely everything. Yet, they’re complex enough to bring about riveting conversation, as seen with Camp Counselors Natalie and Geordon. To get a glimpse of just why we’re so obsessed with sticky pieces of paper, follow along with our text thread . . .

On Breakfast

I was never a person to skip breakfast. I guess, that is, until I developed an eating disorder at around age 19 • Photo course unknown via Pinterest

Not Just a Month: Voices of Pride Through Time

For Pride Month, we created an open call for submissions for you (yes, you!) to have the opportunity to share your story regarding your LGBTQIA+ identity. Today, we’re publishing those stories after the fact of Pride Month to continue to break the narrative of mainstream iterations of pride and queerness, because Pride month is every month.

I'm Not Sorry to Bother You

And every time I code switch, it feels like I’m stepping onto a stage, performing to entertain someone who doesn’t even realize that I have to give them a show. It makes me feel dirty, like I’m hiding myself in order to convince this person that I’m worthy of being respected • Film Still ℅ “Sorry to Bother You”

Singer Emma Jayne Has Entered Her Gay Renaissance

Here at Camp Thirlby, one of our missions is to give a platform to young, queer artists. This series will highlight different LGBTQ+ artists working in various creative fields, ultimately sharing their voices and their missions with a wider audience. We’re starting with Emma Jayne . . .

For the Baby Gays Playlist

Tunes that encompass those first time butterflies (and anxieties, and heartbreaks) we feel as brand new queers, all by fellow young and queer musicians • Exclusive Illustration by Geordon Wollner

Camp Pride: Queer Upon Approval

Being bisexual has historically been called “playing for both teams.” Setting aside that binary language (boo), it feels a lot more like being a benchwarmer on all sides—never quite a part of any team Collage ℅ B Lated