Womxn, Minority, & Non-Binary Care Providers of the World

A list of accessible alternative healthcare providers who are minority, womxn, and/or non-binary. Are you a healer, medical professional, or provider who identifies as such? Please send us an e-mail at submissions@thethirlby.com with the subject line “Provider” to be included in our list. If you receive care from someone who is a minority, womxn, or no-binary, we would love to hear from you as well.

All practitioners here are either LGBTQAI2S+ themselves or are allies and many are Trans-focused. Please see below our list of Trans-focused holistic care providers. As always, if you are facing a medical or psychiatric emergency, please dial 911. If you need immediate support, you can call the specific support services listed below.

National Eating Disorders Association 1-800-931-2237 • Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255 or chat for DHH • Trans Life Line Crisis & Suicide Hotline 1-877-565-8860

The United States

• Nomadica Apothecary by Carla Vargas-Frank

• Blue Heart Wellness
• Loom
• Sacramento Acupuncture Project
• Janeen of Holy Sponge
• Meredith Corvette Carter
• Mama Maiz
• Roots of Resistance
• Acupuncture Works by Carol Francois
• The Living Room Project
• Mari Kubota
• Michelle D’Avella of Pushing Beauty
• Wild Seed Wellness by Ana María Agüero Jahannes & Tieraney Carter
• Ancestral Apothecary by Atava Garcia Swiecicki
• Layla Kristy Feghali- River Rose Apothecary
• Jonah Aline Daniel
• Katrina Hanson of Prism Acupuncture • Medicine of the Ancestors
• Honey & Blackbone by Jade Ariana Fair
• Plant Spirit Essencials by Francisca Santibanez
• Manflora Herbals
• The Great Kosmic Kitchen • Cantos de la Tierra-Berenice Dimas
• Dr. Patti Kim

• Agua y Sangre Healing

• Dr. Abigail Egginton
• Many Rivers Community Acupuncture

Pilin Anice

• Ayo Ngozi
• Jasmine Marie
Therapy Box

• Integrity Women’s Health
• Acupuncture Together

MN LGBTQ Directory

New York
• Alison Marras
• Andrew Zarate
• Asher Pandjiris
• Abigail Egginton
• Beth Ricanati
• Brooklyn Open Acupuncture
• Maryam Ajayi
Pilin Anice
• Hilary Pearlson
• Centering Tools For Self-Healing & Empowerment
• The Sage Honey by Ekere Tallie
• Sacred Vibes by Karen Rose
• Harlem Village Acupuncture by Jomo K. Alakoye-Simmons
• Harriet's Apothecary
• BeatBox Botanicals by Adaku Utah
• Naimah Johnson, LMSW- Therapy and Counseling
• Rachelle Robinett
• Sarah Hartzell, LMSW
• Annie McDonnell, L.Ac.
Jennifer Patterson

• Bend Community Healing
• Feel Better
• Working Class Acupuncture
• Flower Hand Wellness

• Philadelphia Community Acupuncture
• West Philly Community Acupuncture
• Ola's Shop & Well of Indigenous Wisdom School by Ola Obasi

Puerto Rico
• Maria Benedetti
North Carolina
Sarah M. Chappell
Chanelle Bergeron

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Rhode Island
Dr. Mary Claire Dilks
Mary Spencer
West Side Wellness
Hawk Hummingbird

• Marika Alvarado
• Rootwork by Naya Jones
• Samadhi Divine Medicine by Tonva Lvles

• Community Acupuncture
• Claire Ragazzino

Washington State

• Maria Turner-Carney, LICSW: Feminist Therapy for All Genders
• Fern Wynn, Clinical Herbalist

Washington, D.C. Metro Area

• Maryland Community Acupuncture
• Therapy Box
• Community Acupuncture of Towson
• Revive Community Acupuncture
• Urban Herbalist-Charlene Marie Muhammad
• Lauren Nixon
• Derrick T. Jackson, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine
• Mamatoto Village
• Samantha Attard
• Blue Nile Botanicals
• Jeannette Lancien
• Joanna Andrea
• Lina Salazar
• Good Sense Farm & Apiary by Zachari Curtis
• Karen L. Culpepper

Europe, Asia, & Other Continents

• Acupuncteur Paris
• Pham De Doan
• Ici Selfcare
• Sens&Vie
• Sophie Calmels

Sylke Schulte
• Marina Decker
• Sandra Lüdecke-Rial

Layla Kristy Feghali

Xiao Ying
• El Templo de la Luz
• Herboristería Sauco

• Dr. Yasemin Arslan
• Dr. Demet Erdoğan

The U.K.
Sakura Clinic of Japanese Integrated Health
• Holistic Health of London
• AcuMedic Centre


Centers across the U.S.

Bay Area Health Collective
• Wendy Vastine of Transformative Voice
• Ohlone Center for Herbal Studies- Holistic Health for Trans/Gender
• Variant folks
• Apicha Community Health Center
• Callen-Lorde Community Health Center in New York
• Whitman-Walker Clinic in Washington, D.C.

Online Resources

• Sassafras Healing Arts
• Badass Visionary Healers
• The Trevor Project
• Them
• National Eating Disorders Association
Michelle D’Avella
Rae Swersey of Take Care Herbals
Aaron Rose

Anti-Oppression Resources for Allies

Educational Support for Providers

*Thank you for Prism Acupuncture for being an endless resource for this list