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Peruse The Library of our favourite classic & contemporary works of film and literature . . .

At The Thirlby, we believe that being and feeling well stems partially from being well-read. We can expand our understanding of our world through increasing awareness of the issues, people, and history that surrounds us. As a result, we cultivate compassion towards others and consequently ourselves. We can attend better to ourselves and the world in which we live. 

Unlike supplements, dogmatic diet this or that, & other wellness trends, being well-read is essentially free. Libraries are public access both in our communities—here are those in the U.S.—and even online. Books and films allow us to find ourselves through the compassionate perspective shift of past times, other people's situations, and places. We can read a timeless piece like James Baldwin's "Fire Next Time" & understand the current racial tension and violence we face in the United States. We can pick up Orhan Pamuk's "My Name is Red" to travel back to 16th century Ottoman Empire or to Japan with Kenzaburō Ōe