20 Easy-Peasy Lunch Ideas for Busy People

20 Easy-Peasy Lunch Ideas for Busy People

Pro Tip

Buy an organic rotisserie chicken on a Sunday—many co-ops, natural markets, and even greengrocers such as Wegman’s have this option or make it yourself (we have the recipe in The Thirlby) to add to some of the following recipes. Pre-wash your greens & preserve them crisply in this revolutionary bag.

Illustration by Maira Kalman

Illustration by Maira Kalman

  1. A big, bountiful bowl

  2. Broccoli, Basil, & Wild Rice with Creamy Avocado Citrus Dressing

  3. A can of sardines with half a bunch of flat-leaf parsley, 2 tablespoons of grainy brown mustard, 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, half an avocado, & two cups of shredded greens of your choice

  4. A Green Goddess Sandwich

  5. Simple Tuna Salad

    • Mash a can of canned tuna with a tablespoon of organic mayonnaise to combine with one chopped tomato, half an avocado, and one spring onion over gluten-free bread, bowl of grains, or shredded greens of your choice

  6. Feeling snacky? Enjoy a serving of hummus served with a drizzle of olive oil, red pepper flakes, and a dash of dried mint with crudités

  7. Have a desk picnic! Have a new spin on the meat & cheese plate with smoked salmon, some grapes or pear, your favourite crackers—we’re partial to our flax cracker recipe—and plant-based cheese

8. Bedazzled sweet potato: pre-baked sweet potato halved and topped with a drizzle of tahini, a dollop of your favourite plant-based or grass-fed dairy yoghurt, and sprinkle of chopped fresh parleys or dried mint

9. Or go for a stuffed sweet potato: pre-baked sweet potato stuffed with guacamole, shredded cabbage, drizzle of your favourite hot sauce—we love this one—and shredded rotisserie chicken

10. A Simple Greek Salad, to bring back Summer to even the dreariest of Winter days

11. A bowl of grains of your choice, organic chorizo, ¼ cup of chickpeas, and ¼ cup of grass-fed dairy or plant-based yoghurt.

12. Three cheers for pasta! A veggie-based cacio e pepe: 3 oz. of buckwheat pasta (we like penne), finally-chopped roasted vegetables like Brussels sprouts & butternut squash, one tablespoon of olive oil, and ¼ cup of grated Pecorino or nutritional yeast for a vegan version

13. Or opt for a Japchae with all the vegetable fixings!

14. Make a frittata ahead of time on the weekend and pack it with you along with seasonal fruit

15. Put a spin on the classic PB & J and make these instead with gluten-free bread: tahini, cacao nibs, & banana or almond butter, pear, and cinnamon

16. Pre-cooked rice with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, and black pepper with a dollop of grass-fed dairy or plant-based yoghurt for a humble easy lunch

17. A bowl of grass-fed dairy or plant-based yoghurt topped with an egg, ¼ cup of tomato sauce, a drizzle of olive oil, sprinkle of dried mint

18. Crispbreads with mashed avocado, hard-boiled eggs, thin slices of red onion (ahem, avoid if you share an intimate office), salt & pepper, and a dash of cumin powder

19. A bowl of soup, our pick is a traditional Turkish Red Lentil Soup with gluten-free bread & a dollop of grass-fed dairy or plant-based yoghurt—you see the trend, no?

20. Turkish lentil balls for a spin on falafel served in lettuce cups

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Almila Kakinc-Dodd is the Founder, Editor-in-Chief of The Thirlby. She is also the author of the book The Thirlby: A Field Guide to a Vibrant Mind, Body, & Soul. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Nursing as a Dean’s Scholar at Johns Hopkins University. Her background is in Anthropology & Literature, which she has further enriched through her Integrative Health Practitioner training at Duke University. She lives in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, where she regularly contributes to various publications. She is a member of Democratic Socialists of America and urges others to join the movement.

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