Currently Creasing №29

Currently Creasing №29


1 | On how to create a budget

2 | How women deserve a Women's History Smithsonian Museum, too (which I would hope would not be through a cis-normative lens, if realised)

3 | On being hooked on vitamins & the research behind them

4 | On the ingenious & relentless collection of Picasso 

5 | I usually go through two books a week, by listening to one in my spare time & reading another at bedtime:
I'm currently reading this before bed & when I'm in the kitchen or walking, I listen to this audiobook

6 | The handmade story behind the stop-motion animation in Isle of Dogs

7 | The equal importance of physical and mental exercise in school

8 | The statue of a rebellious black woman amidst 98 percent white men ones

9 | The perfect summer jeans that styles gracefully with these low-heeled pumps

10 | A possible new organ that could assist in cancer research

11 | Another reason to ditch the plastic water bottle—contaminating our environment & bodies . . .

the T H O U G H T  O F  T H E  W E E K

"The past is always tense,

the future perfect"


Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time

Beet & Melon Carpaccio

Beet & Melon Carpaccio