Currently Creasing №31

Currently Creasing №31


1 | On the above note of a photographic capture of friendships (and our growing team!): how you share everything with your best friend, even brain waves

2 | Resist, sister! The Handmaid's Tale is back tomorrow on Hulu. I suggest, as I certainly often do, reading the book or listening to the audio version as well for a more engrossing experience.

3 | A battle over the science of pleasure

4 | Kate Bosworth on "Nona," her new film on sex trafficking

5 | I'm planning on ordering this new book à la the recommendation of The New Yorker or this collection, which captures the enigmatically nervous national mood

6 | On a better representation of black women

7 | An organisation doing just that for black mamas in D.C. through pregnancy and beyond

8 | An all-too-relatable Daily Shout on why you, too, probably can't sleep

9 | These chic, kitten-esque Editor's Heels paired with these easeful, summery cropped jeans

10 | Would you rent a family?

11 | A raw & often verdant lives of unwashed hikers through their unshiny accounts

12 | How women see how male authors see them

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The Thirlby on Tour: a Thank You Note

The Thirlby on Tour: a Thank You Note

The Thirlby on Tour!

The Thirlby on Tour!