Poop is For Multi-Tasking


In such a fast-paced and connected world, it's sadly becoming increasingly difficult to just stop. To take a minute. Sit where you are, and just breathe. Be present. 

Pooping is one of the last things we've got that force us to do just that. To sit (or squat, or kneel, levitate, whatever) where we are—ideally undisturbed—for an extended period of time. Relish it. Read that article you've had tabbed for the last month, do a crossword, meditate, journal!

I mysteriously used to have no internet service in my bathroom, so pooping really forced me to unplug (you know me by now, pun very much intended).

Having trouble getting moving? I FEEL YOU and Cheeky has some tips:

  1. Fiber powders (ask your doctor first!). At the Thirlby, we like a teaspoon/day of Psyllium Husk or this whole food powder
  2. Exercise
  3. Change positions: An introduction to the holy throne of the squatty potty
  4. In an emergency? Try a laxative, but ask your doctor first & never abuse it. We recommend a gentle, organic tea like this one.
  5. Talk to your friends! Maybe they are going through the same thing and have tips for you (or just want to complain together, which is also so helpful & healing)